Viva Portugal

15 06 2010

I’m not sure whether it’s genetic or not, but a love of Portugal is definitely in my blood.

I think it might have to do with the fact that my mum was the manageress of a Portuguese restaurant for quite some time while I was still very young. Although the restaurant close to our home closed, they still have a branch in Cape Town. Perhaps you’ve even heard of it, and if you have, I’d encourage you to go there for a great meal: Dias Tavern.

I remember going to the restaurant after school, having chips with truly flavoursome spice (Steers’ salt comes close) that Isabel made especially for us three daughters. I think fondly about my older sister’s one birthday party that was held there, a booth filled with smiling children, with pizzas made especially for the occasion, and a fantastic pink castle cake as the pinnacle of the day. Trinchado, espetada, eisbein, prego rolls… my mouth waters at the mere mention of these dishes. And oh how I long for the days of my youth.

They have live music and dancing. They have the atmosphere, the people, the food – the Love. I’ll never forget how the Dias my mum managed used to have regular karaoke nights. Even though we were young, we sure had a lot of joy and fun (as the song goes). Since then, I’ve only been to the Cape Town branch once, and their hake is scrumptious, soft as butter and tantalizing on the palette.

As such, I’ve had a soft spot for the Portuguese ever since, which is why – come the World Cup or other large tournaments – I support their soccer team no matter how good or bad they’re playing. I suppose that’s why I find myself sitting with my laptop on my lap (aptly), typing away in front of the television set as Portugal and Côte d’Ivoire come head to head in the second half of their first FIFA World Cup match. I’m not too fond of Christiano Ronaldo, although I’ll admit that he’s a good player. The only problem is that he can be quite hot-headed, and this temperamental state doesn’t really help. Case in point: he already has a yellow card against him, which he gained during the first half.

Still, he nearly scored a goal early on in the first half – such a beautiful kick, one most of us viewers thought would go into the goal box, yet hitting against the post instead. Close, but not cigar, I’m afraid. I will say, however, that this match has been a lot of back and forth kicking… or falling, I should rather say. Every twenty seconds or so (sometimes less) someone is down on the ground. The Ivorians – as the commentators refer to them, since they come from the Ivory Coast (I deduced as much upon reading their name) – play a decent game when it comes to defence. I’m interested to see how things develop further on, as they just nearly scored a goal that the Portuguese goalie saved quite adeptly.

I do miss Luis Figo, though… But other than that: Viva Portugal!

Portugal! ❤




2 responses

15 06 2010
Salóme van Lill

Love it!! We’ll go to Dias some time…. I promise!! xx

18 06 2010
Services Tuesday for James “Max” Lill | Custom oil painting

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