My lust for reading has returned…

18 06 2010

…thanks to Dan Brown.

Back when I was in university (this would be in my first year, which was 2006), or I think maybe even the year before that (yes, I feel almost certain that I read it in my final year of high school) I had time to kill and a bit of curiosity to sate, so I decided to borrow my older sister’s copy of THE DA VINCI CODE. However, I must make it clear that I read the Dan Brown book before the film came out in 2006 (May 19th) and all the media-hype went rampant.

In its entirety, I found the novel a good read. Since I am not particularly religious (although I grew up in a religious home and by no means look down upon religious people or find religion to be stupid) I was able to read the novel and marvel at its detail, valid points, the research done, and the manner in which it all was brought together.

There are quite a lot of people who are unaware of the fact that his novel ANGELS AND DEMONS, which was turned into a film in 2009, was actually published before THE DA VINCI CODE. Whereas THE DA VINCI CODE was published in 2003, ANGELS AND DEMONS was published in 2000, causing many people to mistakenly believe that ANGELS AND DEMONS is a follow-up of THE DA VINCI CODE, what with it being turned into a film second and not first.

Now, I have yet to watch ANGELS AND DEMONS. By some bizarre coincidence – perhaps one can call it ‘fate’ – the film version we rented didn’t work properly, in the sense that when another language was spoken, there were no subtitles. As a ‘rule’, although not exclusively or strictly, I like to read a book before I watch its filmed counterpart. Sometimes this can be a bad thing, as one realizes how much detail has been altered or simply scrapped. On the other hand, as a film is the director’s interpretation of the novel, one must admire this changed version, for it has been done for particular reasons and for a particular audience. By no means are the reading public and the viewing (movie-going) public always the same, and these different groups tend to see or read into things differently.

I say that it was ‘fated’ that the ANGELS AND DEMONS film we rented was faulty, because now it has given me the opportunity to read the book, which I received as a birthday present from my older sister (along with THE DA VINCI CODE and DECEPTION POINT). To me, my reading of the novel was extremely lagging. At times I would read a few pages, not really get a ‘feel’ for them, and then simply put the novel down. At other times I would read for longer stretches of time, more engrossed in it than I had been at a prior time. I’m not saying that the novel isn’t good, because I find all the information about the Illuminati interesting, and the way the path of Illumination is solved is quite clever, plus I sort of had a feeling about who the true bad guy was… yet still I am uncertain about how I feel regarding the novel. I’ll have to read THE DA VINCI CODE again to validate my following statement, yet I believe that I found THE DA VINCI CODE a better read.

That said, I actually wish that they would turn his third novel (yip, that is correct) DECEPTION POINT into a movie. Published in 2001, it is by far the best Dan Brown novel I have read out of the lot. After I finished reading ANGELS AND DEMONS, I decided to start on DECEPTION POINT, even though the afternoon hours had already become long and my head was pounding from the day-long migraine. That evening I read 240 pages! I was busy with my e-mails, prepared supper, had a bath, did various other things… and still I read more than a third of the novel.

Thank you, Dan Brown – it seems like you’ve gotten me out of my slump and back into reading.

Yesterday I spent a great portion of the day in bed, feeling ill (damn migraine again). I spent a great deal of time on my laptop, job hunting and typing e-mails. I prepared supper. I went to visit my parents for two hours. I couldn’t really concentrate on anything… and still I managed to read another 200 pages of DECEPTION POINT. I wish I could have read more, but a migraine usually arrives unannounced, which makes it difficult to focus on anything for too long. That said, I’ll be finishing the last 140 pages of the novel today… and then I’ll be dashing off to a bookstore to purchase Dan Brown’s first novel, DIGITAL FORTRESS (published 1998), and perhaps even his latest novel, THE LOST SYMBOL (published 2009) to boost my love of reading back to its maximum potential.

And before I go completely insane, I need to purchase the very first novel in Stephen King’s DARK TOWER series so I can finally start reading it. I own books 2 through 7… and I need my Stephen King fix. It’s been too long.




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18 06 2010
Salóme van Lill

Will look out for number one of the Dark Tower.

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