Cheque, please – I need to get out of here!

20 06 2010

Going out to lunch with family is always an ‘exciting’ thing. It’s a time to kick back, relax, talk about all kinds of things, and just have a nice meal that you didn’t have to prepare yourself… Not that I mind preparing food or having home cooking instead, yet the odd occasion that we do go to a restaurant is lovely.

As today is/was Father’s Day, my future mother-in-law had booked us a table at a quaint Portuguese place two weeks in advance. Fair enough, since days like today are great money making opportunities for many places. I wish I could say that the restaurant was lovely… but lying has never been one of my traits. So let’s just be blunt about it:

"Adega" is a Portuguese wine term meaning ‘a wine cellar or wine estate’.

Apparently, the menu for today was a buffet – they phoned my mother-in-law to confirm our booking and relate this bit of news… yesterday… still, arrangements were made, and we were allowed to order from the a la carte menu. Our first waitress was bad, as in really pathetic. She would take one drink order, then just disappear, bringing things in drips and drabs, and sometimes not even bothering with us and forgetting that we had ordered anything. My tea was cold, and my Significant Other’s cappuccino was cold. There were no rolls on the table, because they (allegedly) hadn’t finished baking them… Now, if you know that you’re restaurant is going to be jam-packed with customers from eleven/ twelve o’ clock and onwards, how can things be so muddled up and unprepared (not to mention highly unprofessional)?

After speaking with the manageress, we were given a new waitress, who surpassed the first one by far. And yet things still felt to be lacking. My Significant Other’s starter was cold. We waited 50 minutes (a bit more, actually) since placing our orders for the main course before it started arriving one plate at a time. My Significant Other paid R100 for a handful of chips and a square piece of fish, which – to me, at least – didn’t taste all that great. The food was basically tepid. And I was utterly disgusted with the espetada they served my mother-in-law. I don’t mean to be snooty, but my mum was the manageress of a Portuguese tavern, so I know what real Portuguese food looks like – and that by G*d was not an espetada. I was expecting to see succulent rump steak braaied on a skewer, with the lovely sauce plate at the bottom, and a Portuguese roll or two to dip in the sauce. No such luck, it would seem. They brought a short skewer with four dry hunks of meat on it, and a bit of green pepper and onion wedged in between. I almost became livid.

My father-in-law ordered a lovely selection of seafood – a platter, you see – that was supposed to include mussels… but of course they messed that up, too. By the time everyone had finished their main course, it was half past three. We had been there for three and a half hours, had all right service (bordering on horrible), received cold beverages that were supposed to be warm, received warm beverages that were supposed to be cold (like my S.O. Coke, which by the way came with an awfully filthy glass that I forbade him to use, much like the other glasses at the table), ate lukewarm/tepid/mild to cold plates of food that were supposed to be served hot… and after that amount of time, I had had enough.

We didn’t stay for desert or coffee, as we had to skedaddle off to my parental home. And to be utterly frank, I am sooo glad we left. When you go to a restaurant that serves ridiculously high-priced dishes, you at least expect value for your money. That said, I didn’t order myself anything (upon noticing the prices), and ate from my S.O.’s plate instead.

After that whole ordeal I had an exquisite plate of home-cooked food my mum had prepared: chicken, green beans, baby potatoes, gem squash… I decided to skip the corn and sweet carrots, but all in all? Far better than a restaurant meal. Any day.

Although things didn’t go as planned with the Portuguese place, I still feel grateful that I was able to spend time with both my families, and wish that we’ll have memory-making meals like this in all the years to come.

Besides, if the restaurant wasn’t so pathetic, what would I have blogged about right now?

Happy Father’s Day, and have a good week everyone 🙂

After seeing this Lamborghini, I'm sure my Significant Other will be happy for quite some time.




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21 06 2010
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21 06 2010
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21 06 2010
Morris Uberstein

Never mind Liske I was just glad my lovely daughter spent time with me. Love Big U

27 06 2010

Strange story, really increadible.

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