Scattered Brainings VII

22 06 2010

* Yesterday afternoon, at some point, I paid a visit to my blog and noticed that my blog has had 2012 views thus far (well, by now the count has increased). It made me feel eerie, sort of apocalyptical. Just hope things don’t turn out like the film did, because the ending was pretty… I dunno… not really what I expected. Luckily the Cape of Good Hope is close by, so I’m sorted.

* Any event is merely a money making-scheme/ opportunity for businesses. The FIFA World Cup, for example, is pretty lucrative for the country, what with tourists coming in, local products being sold, ticket prices bringing in bundles of moolah, et cetera. But that isn’t the only way money is coming into the country. We the fans, here in our own country, also buy flags and supporter’s shirts and scarves and whatever else. Grocery stores are laden with goodies that soccer fans can purchase, silly things that sometimes cost a pretty penny. Case in point (regarding goodies), look at these strawberry flavoured sour chews, fashioned to look like the Italian flag:

Buy me... buy me... spend spend spend!

* Although I’ve been slightly disheartened regarding my unsuccessful attempts at getting into the publishing industry, all hope does not seem to be lost. That internship I felt iffy about might just bear fruit. I’m going for a second interview tomorrow morning, this time at a certain publishing house, talking things over with one of their members/ representatives. And you know what? I’m actually pretty excited. If all goes well, I’ll tell you where I had the interview. It’d be a dream come true to work there – even if I’m only an intern.

* I watched the final Bafana Bafana game today while making lasagne. It’s not that I was disinterested. I can multitask, so glancing over from the kitchen and listening to the commentators as I chopped and spiced and prepared the meal served to be no problem. Sad that we’re the first host country who doesn’t qualify for the next round, yet I’m not going to lie and tell you that I expected we would. Nice try, though, boys. We’re all proud of you.

* Speaking of the lasagne, it came out perfectly… and it tasted absolutely delicious. Still, for some reason I have yet to ascertain, I see to have slight indigestion.

Do you think Garfield would approve?

* We’ve started allowing Smudgy to go outside, since we had her fixed a while back. She’s pretty scared to venture far from the front door, her tiny body shaking as I pick her up after an ‘excursion’, but I know it’s for her own good, even if mommy wants to protect her.

* The kids in our security complex can become rather annoying what with it being the school holidays and all. Still, it was wonderful watching their little faces light up as they saw Smudgy for the first time today. I ended up holding Smudgy so that everyone could pet her, giggling and chatty, bursting at the seams with happiness that children are predisposed to. Now we have a fan club… I won’t be surprised if they come knocking or wait about outside to see Smudgy again.

* Tried to find the first book in the DARK TOWER series yesterday while at the mall. Sad to say that I couldn’t find it. I’m sure if I go to other bookshops I’m bound to locate and secure my copy. Merely wish I had it so I can start reading the seven volumes immediately.

* So. THE BIG BANG THEORY. Hmm. Not sure what to make of it (the series, naturally). It’s great, and all, but it’s definitely not HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Sheldon annoys the living daylights out of me. Leonard is sweet, though. And Rajesh is pretty awesome. A lot of cringe-worthy moments in the series… no, wait, scratch that: sometimes, most of an episode is pretty awkward. But it gives me something to watch, so I’ll watch the last two episodes of the first series and see whether or not I decided to progress to the next two seasons.

* Oh how I would love to be able to stand right next to the field at a Portugal soccer match. Better than being in the stands, and being where the action is *sigh* In the meantime, I’ll settle for watching their match against Brazil this coming Friday from my cosy spot on the couch. Going to be a game to remember.

* My jar of peanut butter lasted two weeks instead of its usual one week lifespan. Good for me.




3 responses

23 06 2010

Good luck met jou interview! Dalk is dit net die een vir jou! Het jy nie reeds gesê dat dit by Oxford University Publishers is nie? Of was dit ‘n ander interview?

23 06 2010
Liske van Lill

dankie! en ja, dit is by Oxford University Press. wou net nid my kanse ‘jinx’ deur dit aan die blog gemeenskap te vertel nie. ek hoop maar net vir die beste…

23 06 2010
Salóme van Lill

Wow, dit is regtig “scattered brainings”! ‘n Bietjie hiervan en ‘n klompie daarvan. Maar ek het dit geniet. En ja, Garfield sou daai ou lasagnetjie tjop-tjop klaargedraf het!!
Ek is seker Oxford University Press sal hulself ‘n moewiese guns bewys en jou die intership gee. Hulle verdien jou!!

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