What a weekend – happiness 1, depression 0

28 06 2010

I’ve been meaning to blog since Friday afternoon, yet somehow I haven’t been able to get around to it… I had plenty of time, granted, but with many an ‘activity’ lined up before me, by the end of the day I was too tired to type.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

I believe that this was a good weekend. Sure, every other day of the week feels like the weekend to me, as well, and most weekends feel like any other weekend. Still, I believe that this was truly a lovely weekend. Friday was a definite highlight… but I’ll get to that later.

Saturday saw the 28th celebration of my parental pair’s fond exchange of nuptials day. Or, put differently, their 28th wedding anniversary. It was a simple, relaxed evening, though by no means lacking in enjoyment. My younger sister lost her temper and nearly made me cry; I sat in the kitchen staring out the window and eating two rolls, which I shouldn’t really do as white bread and such makes me nauseous and gives me indigestion since my operation; my clean hair – which I had washed that morning – got completely smoked up while standing outside by the fire… and I had a great time with my father outside, sharing stories and jokes, and with my entire family inside as we sat by the table, talking about all kinds of things (especially things not fit for ‘dinner table talk’, something we seem to lapse into quite comfortably all the time). Just your run of the mill get together – and boy, do I love my family.

Yesterday we had an afternoon braai (barbeque) at my second parental home – id est, we spent some time with my Significant Other’s family. As always, the conversation was cosy, the food was terrific, and we got to sit outside in the sunshine, simply having a slightly-lazy Sunday (my not-so-clean-anymore hair assaulted for a second time by copious amounts of smoke). Late in the afternoon my older sister and her husband came to pay us a visit at our apartment, as I promised to make her lasagne today if she brought me the ingredients. And the funniest thing happened: Smudgy actually went to have a lie-down on my sister’s lap! This is a sight so infrequent, I had to take a picture of it.

Liebe & Smudgy

My Significant Other and I spent the evening watching episodes one to twenty-three of THE BIG BANG THEORY, finishing the second series and thus causing me to have to keep up my end of the bargain I made with my S.O. – I promised that, once we finished the second season, we could start watching the entire DRAGONBALL Z series. Two hundred and seventy something episodes… what have I gotten myself into…

On a different note, Friday was superb. My Significant Other dropped me off at my parental home at lunch time, as my mother had extended an invitation to me to come over and watch Portugal’s third World Cup match against Brazil on the telly with them. Granted, we went a bit overboard as we got all kitted out for the ‘event’. I painted my toenails red and green, wore a red jersey, and opted for a light yellow shirt, as I didn’t have anything green to complete my ensemble. Luckily, my father was able to help here. He arrived at home at about 2 pm, two hours before the game, and produced a large Portugal flag, which we put in the living room, as well as a mini flag for each of us (my mum, younger sister, and myself). Furthermore, he and my mother bought us two siblings Portugal scarves. This was the overall effect:

Forca Portugal!

Needless to say, we had a fantastic time watching the game, which ended in a tie. Tomorrow evening Portugal are playing against Spain, so my scarf and flag are close at hand, and I’m excited to watch the game 🙂 And yet, that wasn’t the pinnacle of my pleasure for the weekend. Naturally, when having a pleasant time, there has to be something to set it off. A catalyst, if you will. For me, it was checking my cell phone at 11 AM…

…only to discover that I had been awarded an internship… at Oxford University Press, no less! Oh joy, oh rapture, oh happy, happy day! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t on the verge of doing little Snoopy dances (although I’m still waiting for balloons, streamers, and a cake emblazoned with the word ‘Congratulations’ in nyummy frosting).

Oh, dictionaries, how I dost love thee...

*i has a happee*

It’s ironic, actually. Here I am, having searched and applied for many positions tirelessly over the last eight months, feeling disheartened, and then having doubts about applying for an internship (and the publishing industry in general), and then boom! – life surprises you.

I’ll just have to keep up my good grammar, and leave the LOLspeak to the kittehs in my inbox.




6 responses

29 06 2010

CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS on the internship!!!!

30 06 2010
Liske van Lill

thank you sooo much 🙂 hope you have better luck soon landing a job you really want – just hang in there, and keep on blogging, because i love your posts!

1 07 2010

Hey, baie geluk met die internship! was dit nie juis OUP wat kom praat het by die dept nie? So bly dit het iemand darem gehelp! Baie sterkte, en geniet die life of a working woman:-)

1 07 2010
Liske van Lill

baie dankie 🙂 dis eintlik net toeval. ek was vir twee onderhoude by Maskew Miller Longman, maar het nie die werk daar gekry nie want die ander persoon was meer gekwalifiseerd. die vrou was egter hoogs beïndruk met my, en het aanbeveel dat ek aansoek doen vir ‘n PASA Internship. vir die tweede onderhoud het hulle my na OUP gestuur, en hul moes gehou het van my, want ek is by hulle geplaas. stuur groete vir Daniel, ek mis die dept.

8 07 2010
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8 12 2010
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