“ i thank You God for most this amazing/ day: ”

1 07 2010

This day didn’t turn out quite as I expected.

I spent the night at my parental home yesterday so as to accompany said ‘parentals’ on a mini road trip today. Granted, it wasn’t so much a road trip as my dad having to work somewhere that’s two hours’ drive away from here and he had my mum and me tag along for the ride, but in essence, it was like one. Just bear with me.

This morning at six thirty I was ready to cry up a storm – almost so much that it might start raining cats and dogs. Luckily it was contained, and I instead settled on a small drizzle of kittens and puppies. I was all set to come this afternoon and to blog about how the doldrums have me in their clutches. They say life’s a b*tch, right? Well, then just wait until you meet her mother – Depression. With a capital ‘d’… or perhaps I should rather call her the Spirit of Despondency or something. Both can work.

Said bout of the down-and-outs was brought upon due to all my post operation feelings… but I won’t dwell on that now. I don’t want to. I’m ready to do so, yet there’s no point, really, thus I’ll just give it a miss for now and try to focus on something else.

It took us nearly two hours to reach our destination, where my father had to take some video footage of a police day community thingy, complete with speeches, singing, a mini-marching band, and performances/ demonstrations by the K9 Unit and fire rescue squad watchamacall’em. My father was under the impression that the ‘festivities’ would commence at nine-o’clock. The program, which he was only handed upon arrival, stated that things would start at ten-o’clock… and they only eventually did start at ten minutes to eleven! Needless to say things only started wrapping up by quarter of two the afternoon, and then we were able to go on our merry way.

Was there anything for me and my mum to do in that little town?

Quite frankly: no.

Yet it gave me a chance to appreciate small town life and mentality – something Stephen King greatly focuses on in his novels and has become quite the expert on. Each time I read one of his novels, I find the truth in every word, every description, every ‘what if’ scenario that he crafts with utter finesse. His latest work, UNDER THE DOME, is one of the best examples I have ever found of what I like to call the Small Town Effect (S.T.E. – a little too close for comfort from S.T.D., being moved along only one alphabetical letter).

The ‘highlight’ of being in that town was finding a grocery store close by, as well as a well known coffee shop/ restaurant – a good way in which to breed familiarity with ‘outsiders’ and to make them feel some of the home comforts they left behind while on their journey. But despite that, you know it’s pretty much a close knit community, case in point the fact that the guy who packed our grocery bag was friendly with people he seemed to know, but didn’t utter a word when we went by and thanked him.

As fate would have it, on this day of days, Mother Nature decided to pay me a visit, albeit it delayed by four days… as I suspected she would, what with my rotten luck, which is why I went prepared… and I still wore white pants. No harm done, at least – my obsessive compulsive mind wouldn’t allow it. I was clever enough to pack a book (two, actually), so I didn’t get bored while waiting in the car for most of our ‘outing’. The trip back to about two and a half hours, since my dad wanted to take the ‘scenic’ route – it was worth it – and we had to stop because my mum wanted ice-cream (I passed on her offer, feeling queasy already).

And still, at the end of the day, it’s not the melancholy feelings or gut-wrenching spasms or even the silly little town and slight boredom-slash-frustration that I remember or that really matters. What matters is that I spent time with my parentals. I had a great car ride with them, talking, laughing, just being quiet, having tea, listening to the radio, stretching my legs a bit and knowing that its moments and memories like these that are the true riches in life. No money in the world could ever compare to love, warmth, caring and family.

You can choose your friends, but you cannot choose your family… and I’m truly fortunate that I ended up with mine. Thus, in the words of e.e. cummings: “i thank You God for most this amazing/ day:”




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2 07 2010
Salóme van Lill

And I thank God for YOU!!

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