The Current List

3 07 2010

The things I occupy myself with.

* Watching: DRAGONBALL Z and THE BIG BANG THEORY (3rd season). Even though Sheldon annoys me, he does serve as comic relief at times, plus I want to know where the show is going, which is why I’m halfway through the 3rd season. DRAGONBALL Z is pure indulgence – I never watched the entire series, so it’s pretty fun for both my Significant Other and myself.

* Anticipated watching: the 7th HARRY POTTER film (the first instalment of the two-part DEATHLY HALLOWS movie). That, and a few more season fourteen SOUTH PARK episodes… I need my fix… And when will there be more HIMYM?!

* Reading: ICARUS by Russell Andrews. Sort of a whodunit novel, which appeals to me, given my love of SHERLOCK HOLMES and THE HARDY BOYS. I’m halfway, and it’s been a great read!

* Anticipated reading: Stephen King’s DARK TOWER series. Finally managed to locate a copy of the first novel, now I simply have to finish the book I’m busy with, and then it’s an all out Stephen King indulgence fest *sigh* Oh, and I simply cannot wait for his next book to come out on the 9th of November – FULL DARK, NO STARS. Close enough to Christmas for a little treat.

* Loving: Portugal… even though they’re no longer in the World Cup. They’ll always be my team.

* Loathing: my gynaecologist and the stupid operation that made me feel worse as opposed to the better I was hoping for – thanks for nothing… *mumble-mumble*

* Enjoy Eating: butternut soup. I have quite a fondness for it now that it’s winter. Plus chicken is always a winner, since there are so many things you can do with it. I’m not really a red meat ‘fan’.

* Anticipated nom-session delicacy: Häagen-Dazs. My Significant Other bought a variety pack with four different flavours in (each 100ml) to treat me with, since I’ve always wanted to try it. Someone just scored some brownie points 😉


* Enjoy drinking: green tea. Yip, I’m still not missing coffee (almost seven months later).

* Wanting: a few comfortable winter dresses, not all this horrid looking short-sleeved crap they’re currently stocking everywhere. It’s winter, people…




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