My weekend (in pictures)

5 07 2010

Saturday (at Canal Walk): my Significant Other bought me two Stephen King books

Light and tasty cheesecake at Caffé Magnifico

Soccer ball 'doggy bag' for my cheesecake

I've always wanted to try this - what a special treat (though yet to be consumed)! My S.O. sure knows how to spoil me ❤

The latest issue of Best Food Fast (which we collect) - appropriate for winter 🙂

Sunday, at Tyger Valley: bought myself two books

After lunch with friends at Primi (Willowbridge), we set of to take a ride on the Wheel of Excellence at the Waterfront

The Wheel of Excellence

Up close and personal


Table Mountain, as seen from the Wheel

Giant vuvuzela on the unfinished bridge

My S.O. being silly and playing tourist

Chocolate mousse cake at Solera, which my S.O. and I shared

We *finally* bought a bigger bed - queen size - on Sunday, and it was delivered to our apartment today! Comfortable sleeping, here I come




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5 07 2010
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6 07 2010

All that food is making me hungry. 🙂

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