The Collectibles

7 07 2010

At some or other point in your life, you’ll collect something.

One always sees these ‘Limited Edition’ Coke cans, for example, but ask yourself: who would actually collect something like that?! It seems bizarre, yes, but in truth, for some people it’s totally logical. It’s a limited edition, which will never be available ever again (although this, at times, is but a lie and marketing scheme), it’s something I can put on display (or not), and if I collect all of them, I’ll have the complete set – how can one have a limited edition section without the complete set?

To give you my variation on the that-person-is-crazy idiom (listen to Queen’s I’M GOING SLIGHTLY MAD), I say: that person is one figurine short of a collector’s set. Never thought it’d come in handy, yet now it does. Go figure.

And some people collect the silliest things… but let’s not go into that now. When we were kids, we used to collect all the Puppies and Kitties In My Pocket – sad but true – though we didn’t have all of them, since at the end of the day it was too expensive. We also used to have ‘sticker books’, purchasing stickers by the truckload, swopping them out and comparing amounts and prettiness (yip…)

As a child of the 90’s, given my age as times progressed, I also collected Pokémon tazos and stickers; Digimon memorabilia (including bed sheets); Dragonball Z metal tazos (most silver, some gold, for the Super Saiyans); and even Yu-Gi-Oh cards and the 3-D square tazo-like thingies that came in the chips packets. And now I ask you: what good is any of that at this moment, now that I am older, now that I ‘know’ better?

When you’re older, the collectibles evolve into more ‘realistic’, more expensive must-haves. Your DVD collection wouldn’t be complete without that Limited Edition double-disc-deleted-scenes-bonus-material version of your favourite film/ series; and if you buy a certain designer’s shoes, why not buy his handbags too (in various colours!!)?

For someone like me, it is far simpler: I collect books. But not in an obsessive way. Just because I like certain authors doesn’t mean that I have to have all their novels and short story collections, or even the limited editions of some of their greatest works. That’s why my bookcases aren’t easy to classify in various sections – genre wise, that is (I understand some people do that). True, I do tend to keep a certain author’s work together, and I put most of the texts I dealt with during my university years together in one bookcase… Yet just because Dean Koontz, Carol Goodman, Dan Brown and Scarlett Thomas are grouped together doesn’t mean that their works are similar. It’s simply the way I placed them, nothing more.

I will admit, however, that when it comes to collectibles, there one indulgence I simply cannot resist, and this person is the exception (mostly) to my gotta’-have-‘em-all statement earlier: the works of Stephen King. No surprise there, huh?

Now, Stephen King wrote a non-fiction book about the Boston Red Sox, FAITHFUL, and as I’m not particularly interested in them, I probably won’t be adding it to my collection. As far as his novels go, I still need DESPERATION, CYCLE OF THE WEREWOLF, and THE COLORADO KID, although I’m not sure whether the last two are still being printed – I’ll probably have to search Amazon and order a copy. Oh, and then there’s the novella BLOCKADE BILLY, as well. Concerning non-fiction, I require ON WRITING and SECRET WINDOWS. If I am able, by some miracle, to obtain these six works, my Stephen King collection will be complete, and I’ll be basking in the sheer delight of my ‘achievement’ like the fat cat who got all the cream. Oh, how my obsessive compulsive side is purring right now.

Who ever said collecting things was good for your health (or your sanity, for that matter)…?

My Stephen King Collection ❤




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