The Rapture of Receiving

9 07 2010

We’ve all heard about the ‘gift of giving’, right? So now I’d like to know: what would be the equivalent on the receiving end? The joy/ happiness/ pleasure/ bliss/ glee/ contentment/ satisfaction/ gratification/ delight of receiving? Or should one try to stick with the alliteration and go for something like the ‘rapture of receiving’?

Yes, I think I like that: the gift of giving, and the rapture of receiving.

Now that that’s settled – satisfactorily for myself, that is – I’ll relate my own happy tale of being on the receiving end of what proved to be a lovely gift. As you might well know, I’ve known Mr Jack Daniels (my good friend from Tennessee) for nine years already. A while ago, he went on a sort of road trip to a few places, sending me postcards and basically having some needed R&R, time to be alone and reflect on some things. That being the case, I was rather thrilled when I went to my parental home yesterday and found a notice informing me that a package had arrived for collection at the post office.

My younger sister kept egging me on to open it, but also not wanting me to do so before she was seated comfortably in the kitchen with me. My own curiosity piqued, I decided to fulfil her whim and waited patiently for her to complete whatever she was busy with. Upon opening the package, I found quite a few things, all of which delighted me tremendously, and also showing how well Mr JD knows me.

I love cats, hence the Garfield t-shirt with the statement “Simply Irresistible” (which is a compliment to me, so I’ll accept it graciously). A Scooby-Doo beanie baby because I adore the show; a bottle with sand/ water/ shells from the beach, no doubt, and a coffee mug that says ‘Florida’ as proof of his travels; a necklace with an authentic alligator tooth on it, since I sent him something similar once;  Paula Deen’s memoir/ autobiography, as I love preparing meals and would most likely find it an interesting read (perhaps it’ll give me ideas for my own memoir someday); and a very old copy – perhaps an original – of ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND, because that was the theme for the kitchen tea I held for my older sister, plus I blogged about the Tim Burton film version after seeing in in 3-D on the big screen.

Happy, happy – wonderful pleasant surprise 🙂

I wore the t-shirt yesterday (although, I’ll admit, it is actually a bit too big for me); have the curios displayed here on the desk by my laptop; and the books have found a place on my magazines-slash-current read table in the bedroom.

It’s not so much the amount of gifts that matter – not the size or the monetary value – as the thought behind it, the fact that someone took the time to think of you and give you something to make you smile. Because the wanted to. Because they care. And that is a very special thing indeed.

So thank you, Mr Jack Daniels, for brightening up an otherwise overcast and slightly chilly (though also humid) yesterday, and for all the years we’ve known one another. As Fall Out Boy sings, “thanks for the memories” – they’ve been great, and I hope to return the favour soon with a little gift package of my own.




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