The Intern Diaries: day 1

13 07 2010

I’m tired.

No revelation, really, and not that I did much, yet there’s something about sitting in an office chair for most of the day that really kills your lower back. I know mine is screaming bloody murder and planning on rebelling. But I suppose that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that I ‘survived’ my first day as an intern at OUPSA… and I loved it.

It seems as though things are a bit loopy at the moment, what with miscommunication (or rather, no communication, it would seem) between the PASA coordinator and my current employers, who seem genuinely pleased to have me. We were informed at the orientation session of Friday that we interns would only start working today, as the interns based in Johannesburg still had to have their orientation session (which took place yesterday). Still, I was informed that OUP actually expected me yesterday, and that made me feel mortified – minus a few points for first impression despite me arrive at five minutes off eight already this morning.

To make matters worse, I was told that my ‘mentor’ would only be coming in at 9AM, making me an hour early, and then about half an hour later I was informed that she wasn’t coming to the office until tomorrow! Luckily I was saved by the publishing manager, a personable woman whom I took to immediately, and she was kind enough to show me around the office, introducing me to people I might work with, and then taking me to my desk… my very own desk! If that doesn’t scream ‘real employee’, then I don’t know what does. Or, as my younger sister sent me in a text message this morning, proof of my first ‘grown-up job’.

For the most part, I sat twiddling my thumbs – metaphorically, of course – as my workstation (computer) seemed to have a few bugs, refusing me access to a programme I had to use where I had to start reading up on things; I wasn’t able to change my password when I logged in; and although my e-mail, at least, is working, I have no idea what my password there is or how I can access my OUP mailbox from home *sigh* Good thing for me I had the 2010 PASA Directory with me, which I commenced to read.

By twenty past eleven, give or take a few minutes, I was finally able to start reading copious amounts of Word documents, pages and pages that kept me busy until 3PM (I sat there during lunch hour, and I’m not a slow reader). I believe it is safe to say that my knowledge of the industry has been expanded and filled out quite a bit, and that my eyes are still hurting as I type this blog entry. The publishing manager had invited me to sit in on one of their meetings, which flattered me immensely, and I enjoyed every minute of the two hours we spent in the boardroom – here I was able to get insight into various things, being told that what I was hearing is confidential, and even being invited to be a part of a few things, which will be brought in as part of my training.

During all the commotion, going hither and thither at first, and then staying at my desk while the computer was being fixed and I started reading all those articles, I didn’t even notice until after the meeting that I hadn’t gone to the bathroom once! The last time I had gone was at seven in the morning here at the apartment… making it a total of ten hours of bladder control. Funny how it didn’t even occur to me… and I didn’t even make myself some tea or anything. Then again, my Significant Other will probably point out that, aside from not going to the loo or having a drop of anything to drink all day, I also hadn’t eaten anything all day long.

Ho-hum, let’s not get technical, tomorrow’s another day.

Speaking of tomorrow, I have an appointment from nine until ten to discuss the internship, my goals and expectations, what kinds of tasks I might be assign, and together we’ll try to figure things out for ourselves – I just hope PASA can offer some guidance, or that my ‘mentor’ shows up, as I’m sure they’ve probably been communicating with her on the matter.

Tomorrow is another adventure. Yes, I’m excited. Yes, I’m still nervous. And yes, yes, yes – I am absolutely nauseated by the sheer stress and intensity that this internship has made me feel, because if I hope to make it in the industry, I’ll have to try to make as few mistakes as possible…

[Did I mention that the publishing manager told just about everyone that I finished my Honours cum laude? It felt like undeserved praise…]




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13 07 2010
Salóme van Lill

You go, girl!! I’m extremely proud of you! xx

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