Scattered Brainings: the intern office-observations edition

16 07 2010

* There is a lady (who is at a progressed stage in her life, age wise) that works in our offices who own six cats. Plus she feeds one of the stray cats where she lives on a regular basis. She seems pretty sweet, although I’m not ruling out the crazy cat lady possibility here.

* There’s a down-sized reproduction of the Mona Lisa hanging in the bathroom downstairs… and it’s a bit crooked (the frame slants ever so slightly, causing my obsessive compulsive tendencies to go ballistic). Trying to make a statement, perhaps…?

* Speaking of the bathroom, someone always seems to be taken care of pressing business in there whenever I pop in to take a leak. Makes you wonder about workplace bathroom tendencies, and whether it’s catching

* Vending machines are a good reason (or motivation, even) to cut back on bad snacking habits. R7 for a KitKat? Really?!

* I have no idea when I’ll be comfortable going to work in jeans… if I ever do, at least my skinny jeans (a) aren’t of the super tight variety; (b) are a dark blue colour, which seems suitable to the working environment; and (c) look great with a pair of business flats – shoes – and a jacket.

* Your performance/diligence and correspondence must please your superiors if you check in with them via e-mail and get a smiley face in response 🙂

* People here refer to the guy who comes in at about 10AM with a basket filled with sandwiches, salads, a variety of foodstuffs and other (nyummy) treats as the Muffin Man. Makes me think of the first Shrek movie. Plus it’s cute and funny – makes me want to smile… The Muffin Man!! *laugh*

* Listening in to your colleagues’ conversations can become addictive, even if it’s simply listening to the customer service people doing their job. They all sound so… I don’t know… happy? Content, even? They’re composed, that’s for sure. And there’s no way I would ever want to do their job *shudder*

* You really never know what you’ll find while busy working on a project. I was going through two thick A4 arch lever files, looking for information to bring home with me in order to work a bit (well, maybe more than just a bit), when I came across recipes! Basic pizza dough, Double Dutch ice-cream, and Granny Ann’s chocolate peanut butter cookies. How bizarre.

* I’m one of the few people in the section I have been allocated a desk to who actually stays at my desk during lunch time. I basically arrive at the same time they do (slightly earlier than a couple of them, that I know for a fact), and then I leave after them. Maybe I’m just being the over-eager intern. I’m sure I’ll ‘get with it’ soon enough.

* The way to get in and out of the front door is by having the contraption scan your finger (the thumb, I believe), which then checks whether you have access or not, and when you press the button after that – a mere seconds apart – the door opens for you. I still haven’t been granted this privilege, thus I have to wait around for people to open the door for me, and it gets pretty difficult to get through the big gate in the afternoon since I don’t have a remote to open it. Perhaps I should just pitch a tent in the office and stay there, since they seem to want to keep me there.

* One’s colleagues try to keep their cool on a Friday, not wanting to seem too excited that the working week has come to a close, and that they’ll finally get a chance to relax (or sleep, for that matter). I haven’t been sleeping well, so I’d really, really love to lie in late tomorrow morning… but duty calls, and we have an appointment at Bride&Co to look for a bridesmaid’s dress for my younger sister. Plus I have work to do, which needs to be mostly completed by Monday morning. I think I’ll become like Garfield and end up hating Mondays.

* Every office has a loud mouth. That one person you just know it is without seeing them, because you’ll be able to hear them a mile away. Our office is no exception. I noticed this person from the first day… yet I only saw her for the first time today. One thing’s for sure: I bet she can ‘harass’ you into doing just about anything to get her to shut her mouth.

* I have yet to find the office water cooler. There’s just got to be one… right? There’s just got to! I need an office cliché!




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