Starting off on a good note

19 07 2010

As far as Monday’s go, I’m not as worried and claustrophobic as Garfield is.

Sure, I’ve only been employed and really working for a week, so I suppose I’ll live to regret any positive feelings I may have the compulsion to divulge for all to read and hear. You know what? That’s a chance I’m willing to take. Because even though it has only been a week, it has truly been a fulfilling one. My mentor is truly, exuberantly pleased with everything I have done for her thus far (setting up a strategy, although that’s all I’m able to say, as it is confidential), and I have to say the feeling is mutual. This company is busy enabling me with the means to make a success of myself, and the fact that it’s a learning process combined with work experience makes it all the more wonderful.

I’m not too sure some of my readers are happy with my newfound optimism, or the fact that I feel the ‘need’ to talk about my experience as an intern editor on my blog. True, I haven’t really said all that much about my work, rather making general remarks and focusing on the feel good experience of it, yet that doesn’t stop people from being displeased and completely judgemental.

You know that adage about if you don’t have anything nice to say, then rather keep your thoughts to yourself and be quiet? Yeah, well, some people just don’t know how to do that. Luckily I know to handle criticism – you have to get used to it once you’ve been in an academic environment where your ideas might be seen as worthless of lacking depth, and in the workplace, if you make a mistake, even something trivial, it can be blown up into something so much greater that it becomes difficult to continue with what you were busy with without feeling like a complete failure. The best thing is to suck it up, chalk it up as experience, and realize that as you make mistakes, you also learn. Criticism doesn’t have to be negative – it can be uplifting and insightful, a means to grow and work constructively.

But, again, some people don’t really go in for the whole ‘constructive criticism’ thing. The can just be downright mean.

I came to notice this earlier today while checking the comments posted to my blog entries. I always find it interesting to note what gets filtered into my spam folder, as sometimes there are nice comments in there, and even just generated nonsense that I delete straight away. Upon seeing that there was one item in my spam queue, the old curiosity cat in me decided to scratch a bit and find out what was deemed unworthy for consideration. And you know what I found? This little gem:

“This is the biggest bullshit I have ever read.”

Swell, isn’t it?

That’s just the way it goes. So what if this person didn’t like how I described my first day at OUP. So what if what I write seems to be drivel and unworthy of being read. That’s your opinion, and that’s fine. I myself have marvelled at some blogs you find on the internet, and to be honest it isn’t really any surprise, since just about anyone can get their own blog and talk about anything they want to. It’s like a giant playground for a sixteen year old girl’s expanded, in-depth, nauseating dear diary MySpace page. And yes, I know it sounds demeaning.

So here you are, readers – my pledge to keep on blogging as I always have. You seem to like what you read, and I’m open to suggestions, so I guess I’ll just take it day by day, trying to find interesting things to tell you and talk about while also focusing on my budding career in the publishing industry.

I'll simply have to be strong when dealing with criticism, channelling my inner She-Ra...

And while I’m at it, I’ll try to fit in a bit of reading during lunch time. I’m busy with the second book in the DARK TOWER series, and not having the time to further my reading is killing me.

On a different note, I managed to straighten the Mona Lisa replica in the bathroom a bit, although not completely; I saw a picture on Facebook comparing Taylor Lautner to ManBearPig, which completely made my day; …and one of the neighbour cats came in and terrorized Smudgy to such an extent that she soiled herself and we had to clean her up. What a way to end a Monday…

Half man, half bearpig? Oh South Park, you beauty!!




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20 07 2010

Weet jy wat, die d**s wat gese het jou blog is BS is net ‘n jaloerse F-ing bastard!
Keep your chin up girl! Criticism also means you’re getting noticed. I’ve received a lot of negative criticism over the years & I’ve learnt to brush it off coz mostly they’re just jealous 🙂 Ek’t nie altyd die tyd om by jou uit te kom nie, so ek geniet jou blog want ek bly nogsteeds deel van jou lewe. Baie lief vir jou sus! xx

21 07 2010
BillyJeanJane: Dying « Feed

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23 07 2010

Great post! 😀


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