Home (office) comforts

22 07 2010

I would love to work from home. I know I’ve mentioned that on a prior occasion (or two… or, okay, maybe three)… However, I’ll admit that it feels semi-horrible not being at work at the moment.

I managed to finish proofreading (read: editing, checking up on/ making sense of things – that type of stuff all inclusive) 63 out of 104 pages yesterday, this after also going through (read: proofreading, then see above) the Language Strategy my mentor and I set up and the slideshow she put together, which took up at least a portion of my time. All in all, I’d say my time-management skills aren’t letting me down, which I’m both glad and proud of. That said, I didn’t have that much to proofread today, and I finished all of it by 12:30 (this after arriving at the office at 08:10, getting out all my things, checking e-mails, etc. before starting with my work).

But you know what’s bad?

I started to get a migraine early on…

One so awful I had to ask my mentor if I could leave work at lunchtime (one-o’clock).

As you have probably deduced from my work-related entries, my mentor is an amazing person. Needless to say she was totally understanding, and told me I could leave earlier if I wanted to (although I was still there until just before 13:00). Still, I feel pretty bad about it. I only started working there last Tuesday, and yes I know that I put in some work over the weekend, but that doesn’t mean that leaving the office is right – even if it is migraine related.

That said, I naturally brought my work home with me, as I intend on going through everything again, checking to see whether or not I overlooked a few things. I always bring my home work with me, just in case, so in that sense I probably shouldn’t feel too bad about it.

Working from home would obviously have a lot of perks. At the moment it’s great because it allows me to sit in bed with the document and all my notes, and if I feel ‘icky’ I can just pop into the bathroom (which is a few steps away), or take some Nurofen Plus and lie down for a bit. In the long run, working from home means you don’t have to get out of your pyjamas, or if you do, you don’t have to adorn yourself in corporate attire. The kettle is close by, as is the bathroom; if you get cold there are blankets, and if you’re warm you can open a window or turn on the fan; during lunchtime you can prepare yourself something nice, perhaps even watch a bit of television; plus, most of all, you don’t have to drive in and out, which saves you time and petrol.

Although I wasn’t sure how I would ‘adapt’ to the working environment, or whether or not I would fit in, working in an office is actually quite nice. There are a lot of people around you, which creates a comfortable ‘buzzing’ atmosphere. The Muffin Man comes in around ten, and you can buy yourself something nyummy if you forgot to pack a lunch or are simply peckish. Dressing ‘nicely’ or corporately is something I am comfortable with, and I already started doing it when I started my Honours at the beginning of last year. At OUPSA, you don’t have to dress to look extremely corporate – you need to look professional, of course, but at the end of the day it’s about find a balance between comfort and professionalism, which means that if I wanted to, I could go to work in my jeans. The dress-code is laid-back yet ‘fitting’ for the industry we work in, plus I think that it (a) makes us –read: the employees – comfortable to approach our superiors, and (b) makes customers believe that we are more approachable and friendly.

The only thing that bugs me is the Mona Lisa in the bathroom, of course. There’s no way I’ll be able to straighten it…

Speaking of which, as I exited the ladies’ room at work, the cleaning lady was busy in the men’s room… And – lo and behold! – there I stood staring at another Mona Lisa reproduction!

My Significant Other asked me if that one hung straight, and I answered yes. He told me that perhaps I should swop the two – not a bad idea… not bad at all




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30 07 2010
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do u have a twitter

30 07 2010
Liske van Lill

Yes I do 🙂 Follow me @LiskeKitten

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