She works hard for the money…

25 07 2010

Surely you must know that song, right? By Donna Summer? I watched the music video on YouTube, and although it is a bit depressing/sad, I still like the song (it’s pretty true, isn’t it?)

Well, as i’z working hard for teh moneez – in LOLspeak, because that’s how I keep saying it – my Significant Other brought up an interesting point/question: what am I going to buy with my first pay check?

How am I supposed to know?!

Since I started working at OUPSA on the 13th of July, PASA (who is responsible for paying us) will be paying us interns pro rata. After that, we get paid our full salary on the last Friday of every month; and then, when we finish on the 13th of January, we’ll be paid pro rata again – that is, the rest of the money that makes up a month’s salary.

Now, calling it a salary is probably a bit much. They refer to it as a ‘monthly stipend’, for a six month period, so perhaps I should call it that as well: a stipend. Deciding what to spend my first pro rata stipend on seems to be something I cannot quite decide on

What do I need, really? What do I want?

Should I buy myself something durable, like a decent winter coat? Should I get myself something pretty, like a necklace? I remember my mum telling me that she bought herself a diamond ring with her first salary (or, at least, I think that’s what she told me – things are slightly frazzled in my mind, what with me having a migraine since Thursday). Maybe a charm or two for the bracelet she bought me – for my 21st birthday – would be meaningful. Books are always a plus, so I could invest in purchasing a few classics… Or I could simply save it all for the wedding. I need to start looking at paper and envelopes for the invitations, plus all the options for wedding favours I jotted down.

What I would really like to purchase, I think, is a special gift for my parents. I know it might sound corny, but they’ve done sooo much for me without ever asking anything in return. My mum sometimes buys me groceries, and even bought me four new shirts for work, placing her finger on my lips to shush me as I started to protest. My dad loves having us over, even if it’s just for coffee, and he always sees to it that there’s steak or ribs for him to braai – for him and ‘his son’. He gave me some money the other day, which enabled me to (a) buy myself two books as a present, and (b) purchase some necessary items for the kitchen (i.e. groceries).

My mum allowed me to pester her twice this week regarding the proofreading I was doing (in return, I bought her a box of Turkish Delight), and has fixed some clothing items for me. My dad knows I love ‘road trips’, which is why he invited me along before I started working… and both of them are so enthusiastic about my career choice, always giving support, never saying ‘I told you so’ or ‘You should work harder/ try to be more successful/ stop whining and get over yourself’. I think that’s the true gift of having such wonderful parents: the fact that they are so unselfish, and that they do everything for their children while having their own personal lives and problems, too.

The only question remaining now, though, is: what should I buy them? *sigh* It’s a vicious circle, I can tell ‘ya…

[I could pay the monthly instalment on my study loan, which my Significant Other is currently doing, but that would leave me broke afterwards… I just feel so guilty for not paying my loan or rent while he pays for everything…]




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