Scattered Brainings VIII

29 07 2010

* I’ve read in many magazines how a snack of apple and peanut butter is good for you – filling, nutritious, and bound to fill you up better than all those nasty calorie-loaded quick snacks (like chocolate, crisps, and sweeties). You know what? The combination is delicious! They really know what they’re talking about. Hey, it has peanut butter, so I’m happy.

* I’m getting pretty sick of that Miley Cyrus song, CAN’T BE TAMED or whatever it’s called. Every time I get into the car, it starts playing on the radio…

* …speaking of which, it puts a smile on my face when I notice that other people in traffic are listening to the same radio station. This morning, the guy in the car in front of us was making silly meow clawing gestures at the girl next to him. Yip, he heard Miley on 5FM and was having some fun each time she said “tamed”.

* Maybe the second point is why I don’t listen to the radio much: they’re always playing the same songs, morning and afternoon, every day. I thought that it might be limited to the time I’m in the car on my way to or from work, yet now I’m starting to think that it might go beyond that… which is why I put on a CD when driving for leasure.

* I cannot remember the last time I was in a cinema. There was ALICE IN WONDERLAND, and then before that AVATAR… yip, it’s safe to say I’m out of touch with the cinematographic world out there. Maybe I should make the effort to go again – once there’s a decent film, that is. Or I could read. That seems to be the better option. I can wait for DVD releases.

* With work taking up all my time, and weekends spent with my Significant Other (visiting family, sleeping, watching DBZ), I don’ read much now – unless it’s work-related, that is. As such, when my S.O. had to work late last night, I devoured most of the second DARK TOWER book. Absolute bliss. Only 140 pages left.

* Bad pizza is bad pizza, never mind how much you try to tell yourself that it was ‘sort of all right, actually’. I had one of those experiences last night. Too much overly salty feta cheese, and a pizza base that was half raw – no amount of spinach or bacon (the bacon highly lacking on that ‘pizza’, I’ll add) can make up for that.

* Apparently they’re still putting up some 2010 billboards and such in some regions of the country. Uhm, guys? … it’s over… really. No more soccer. But thumbs up for the enthusiasm.

* Neurologist. Cool word to say, huh? Neeeeuuuurologist… Apparently I need to go see one for these headaches/migraines of mine… Another cool word: gynaecologist. Or, basically, any profession that ends on things like –ologist/ -ist. Maybe not exactly ‘cool’, but now that I’ve got it stuck in my hand, I’ll start thinking up some silly, make-believe professions by adding those suffixes (that is what they’re called, right?) to words.

* My Significant Other pointed out that I’ve worn a different shirt to work every day for the three weeks I’ve been working here. I’m still in the early, don’t-want-to-repeat-a-shirt-I’m-being-professional-here phase of employment.

* The new HARRY POTTER film better get here fast… I’m waiting in not-yet-but-later-to-become-desperate anticipation *sigh* I’ll just have to read the seventh book… again… for the umpteenth time…

* What do you think my superhero/villain name should be, if I ever needed one?

"Who IS Mysterion?!" 😉




One response

29 07 2010

Oh, I hate bad pizza. It gets you all excited because, well, it’s pizza. Then you come to the realization it sucks and you’re even more let down than before.

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