Glass half empty (maybe), with premonitions and feeling ‘off’-ness to boot

4 08 2010

[Please note: I typed this while I had time at work.]

I thought that I might be cursed today.

It’s not an epiphany or premonition, really, or even a thing of utmost certainty. It’s just something I thought might be upon my head, if only for a little while… okay, so I suppose one would call that a mini-premonition. I just didn’t want to get all sinister at the mid-week point already.

I felt like I had pretty good reasons – or ominous signs, if you will – to believe that whole ‘cursed’ bit… Although, now that I actually have to sit down and reflect on them, I haven’t the slightest inkling what they were. There is, of course, the one tile (if it’s called a tile) on the bathroom ceiling right above the stall I usually go to here at work that has been lifted up and returned slantily… that’s not a word, is it? Slantily? Should I say in a slanted manner? And is the way it’s positioned even called slanted? It looks like someone lifted it out, rotated it up to a point, then put it back in so that it doesn’t cover the hole anymore.

Either way, when you look up at it – and yes, I did – it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the day. You constantly remember it. And you feel like someone might have been watching you in there…

Yes, that sounds weird and creepy. Just your run-of-the-mill day, then *laugh* Wow, I really have a way of talking about the must stupid and irrelevant things ever, don’t I?

That’s about the only ‘premonition’ I can remember. Of course, arriving at work and knowing what lies before you can also put a damper on your day. Like the thing I’m busy working on in order to let me ‘take a break’ from proofreading, which I actually enjoy. How is going through a 128-page Learner Book and typing a lot of information into an Excel document (into columns with specific headings, where you have no clue whether what you’re doing is even right) going to make me feel ‘better’? Honestly. That’s like giving a university student a class assignment to break free from reading a book and discussing it in class. Many of my fellow students – I still see them as ‘fellows’ even though I am no longer studying – would argue that they don’t even like reading prescribed texts and that preparing for a class discussion ‘sucks’, but I’d much rather do that than have to slog through other work.

Maybe not the best example, but at least I tried. Okay, how about this one: it’s like asking someone to read the TWILIGHT-saga when they could be reading Stephen King, instead. Ah, now that works for me.

Despite not really feeling like I’ve had any sleep lately, but also not feeling tired (it’ll come this weekend, I’m sure, what with having working since last Monday, no weekend), I’m still pretty optimistic. As optimistic as I’ll ever be, I might add…

I felt a bit down-and-out Monday, because I wasn’t quite sure that I fit into the publishing industry – perhaps even that it wasn’t my ‘scene’. Add that into the mix of premonitions and not-feeling-goods, and your Wednesday can pretty much be a screw-up. Yes, it’s mid-week… but, the working week is only half over. It’s a glass half empty, glass half full scenario. Room temperature water. That’s been standing in the window for days, alternatively being heated and cooled as the sun comes and goes. Can you imagine what that’ll taste like?

Pretty much like how I thought this day would turn out.

But I’m not cursed, it would seem. My eyes hurt and I’m headachy, yet I survived the tedious, not-sure-what-I’m-doing work that landed on my desk yesterday. I managed to finish proofreading another book, and tomorrow I’ll finish off the last one.

*sigh* I think I’ve really deserved the coming long weekend.

Pretty much how I feel...




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