Weekend? Really?! Well I’ll be…

6 08 2010

Having a weekend is going to be pretty great. Especially since it’s a long one – thank you national Women’s Day.

The strangest thing is, I’m not tired yet. Not really, anyway. By last Sunday I wanted to ask, “Weekend? What’s a weekend?” But by today, it doesn’t even feel like I didn’t have one. Does that sound odd?

Probably not, though I’ll just keep quiet on that before proving how this lack of rest and relaxation might influence my language (read: verbal and written) capacity.

Get my point?

This morning I didn’t hear my Significant Other’s cell phone alarms go off – not one of the three. When I did wake up, it was 15 minutes after we have usually vacated the bed. I was afraid the oversleeping thing would happen sometime, since I have a tendency to wake up during the night, quite frequently an hour or so before the alarms start pealing. I was lucky, though – we left about 10 minutes later than usual… and I was still at work at the exact same time! (No chance of me being late, since I arrive bright and early anyway, yet the ‘panic’ was there: long weekend, so many cars on the road… you get the idea).

Mona Lisa replica in the bathroom at the office... it's still driving me crazy!!

These last two weeks have been good ones. I met my fellow interns, who are all pretty amazing, and got to attend my first Book Fair, seeing things from both side of spectrum – working in the industry, but also being a shopper and talk attendee. I have finished proof reading the six books for OUP, while also working on other tasks and trying to be as helpful as possible. My one line-manager even told me how genuinely, really impressed she is with my work and dedication. If that isn’t a step in the right direction, then I don’t know what is. I just might rethink my misfit status within the industry (i.e. my doubts whether I fit in). My mentor even allowed me to leave the office early today – I left at quarter to two (13:45) – so I could either do some research here at home, or just take some time off.

Hard work truly does pay off. And my professionalism (and serious dedication!) doesn’t hurt the equation, either.

So I want to use this weekend as a relaxing point after four weeks of work. I want to finish reading the third DARK TOWER book. I want to see both of my sisters. I want to wake up and know that my hard work has brought me to this point where I can be proud of myself and not feel guilty when I roll over to doze for ‘a few more minutes’. I want to go to the movies and loose myself in the plot (which is wonderful when the film, or even a book you’re reading, is fantastic, but not so much when you cannot make sense of it, because once you’re lost, you’ll have a helluva time of getting back to where you were).

I’m going to see INCEPTION tomorrow, and the final instalment of the SHREK-‘saga’ on Sunday. This way, I can watch a film that has received five-star ratings and great feedback, satisfying my lust for a good plot (something to stimulate my intellect), while also taking a walk on the lighter side of life and making my inner-kiddie happy. Win-win situation… and the first time I’ll be going to the cinema since watching AVATAR and ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

Curioser and Curioser

This weekend will be my personal rabbit hole, and I’ll be damned if I don’t let my imagination run free.

On a different note, I’d like to share something with you that truly made me feel proud of who I am – something sent to me by Mr Jack Daniels’ mum. It’s the little things in life that matter most, and it’s these little things that have helped mould me into the shape I currently find myself in – not complete, not yet, but getting there. And having a fulfilling journey all the way:

“You are such a beautiful person..with a beautiful mind, a beautiful face and a beautiful heart. The sun shines in your eyes and radiates on your cheeks while your love engulfs everyone around you. Stay true to yourself and cherish all things and people in your life. Take a moment now and then to reflect on your past a…nd where your dreams may take you. Your dreams as a child will always follow you, only you can make them come true. Sending you warm hugs, soft kisses, and love to my second daughter in SA.”




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