Friday the 13th

13 08 2010

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone!

You know, I’ve always wondered: does Garfield make an exception when Friday the 13th comes around and treat it the same way he does Mondays? Or is this the day he rolls around in black paint and then goes to have some fun with superstitious people? I like to believe it’s the latter.

I’ve ‘survived’ this week and all the work that came with it. Luckily Monday was a public holiday (National Women’s Day), and a task of substantial proportions took up my Tuesday to Thursday, thus it is with pleasant surprise that the working week passed so quickly and I find myself back at Friday again. Friday the 13th – exactly one month after I started my internship here at OUP.

You know, I think I have become what Urban Dictionary calls a “job talker” – the first definition stating that it is “[S]omeone who only talks about and has nothing better to talk about than their job”… I love my ‘job’, so don’t go hatin’ 😉

So let’s all have a good Friday… wait, no… not just a good Friday, but a pretty damn fine one! Here are some Garfield pictures to brighten up your day.

Never mess with a cat holding a bat...

No thanks, I gave that up eight months ago.

Point taken 😉

End-of-week comfort eating? Baaad idea.

This doesn't help much!!

Ain't that the truth...

So you can turn around and sleep some more?

Staring you in the face

And the minutes feel slow...

Very much so!!

Just realized that I like posting LOLcats on Fridays (although not exclusively).

Show you care - hug someone today! ❤




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