Got me going Gaga

16 08 2010

I’ve come out of the closet…

…I am *intake of breath* a Lady Gaga fan.

A while ago, in my post titled NOT-SO-GUILTY PLEASURES, I admitted that I like to listen to Lady Gaga really loudly while taking a bath or shower… when I’m the only one at the apartment, that is. Now I have reached the point where my love of the crazy lady has extended from the confines of the empty-except-for-myself-and-my-cat apartment to the CD player in my Significant Other’s car.

And you know, I think he rather enjoys her music, too.

I must say, however, that his Gaga tolerance goes up to a point where he doesn’t want to acknowledge that he listens to her, since it touches on his ‘image of manliness’. I actually turned off the CD when we went to the mall and the attendant pushed the button to hand him a ticket for the undercover parking, only to turn it back on again once my S.O. had rolled his window back up completely to confine the music to the safety of the car.

Boys can be so silly.

Speaking of which, I’ll admit that my S.O. had a valid point when stating he feels his testosterone level drop if the window is open and everyone can hear Lady G. belting out “Boys, boys, BOYS!!!” His argument is that people cannot see me in his car because I’m so ‘small’, thus a guy seemingly driving on his own listening to a song about boys (boys, boys) will get odd looks from those he drives past.

They must thinks he gone absolutely gaga (pun intended).

Although he didn’t know it, Freddie Mercury was definitely on to something when he sang that “all we hear is radio gaga.” I would love for Lady Gaga to marry a guy called Lord Goo-goo – then, when people introduce them, they would be referred to as the Lord and Lady Goo-goo Gaga *laugh* Okay, that was silly, but you have to admit that it put a smile on your face (even it if is a rueful one, I don’t mind).

One thing I’m not so sure about with the honorable Lady is her performance attire. I’ve never watched one of her shows or any awards ceremonies she might have attended, but I do have a younger sister who reads People magazine, plus Facebook friends and the internet to traverse various pictures. Maybe her costumes are an extension of her personality, a physical display of her mental state (?), or just the basic attention grabbers celebrities love so much.

She might be one figurine short of a collector’s set (my own saying), or a pint of blood away from becoming the next Carrie (perhaps we should throw her into the cast of a film based on a Stephen King novel!!), but no matter how she looks, her catchy beats and funky lyrics will keep me entertained…

…I’ll admit, though, that humming BAD ROMANCE at work without evening noticing it might become the grounds for my co-workers to put their case against me for going completely gaga.




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16 08 2010
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