Scattered Brainings IX

18 08 2010

* I had no idea Wednesdays were referred to as Hump Days. Happy Hump Day, everyone. Play nice 😉

* When I close my eyes, I see Excel documents… my brain feels like an Excel document!! The joys of work.

* There’s an Out-of-Order sign ever present on the door of the bathroom stall on the far right in our ladies room at work. Perhaps it’s actually a surveillance station, used for spying/ by spies – some kind of portal to their secret headquarters! Hm…

* You’ve probably all heard of the term dues ex machina – you know, the God in the Machine? Well, I want to wring the blooody deus out of that machina – the one in our new printer/ photocopier at work. Stop making such a thundering ruckus Right. Next. To. My. Desk. (!!!)

* Some days I feel like this cartoon:

* Who ever decided that Bar One’s slogan would be “For a 25-hour day”? Don’t they realize that a day feels so much longer than that, and that sometimes you seem to fit days’ worth of work into a single one? A single hour can feel five hours long… How can that one extra hour compensation for all the stress, mad rush, obligations and assignments/ deadlines? Perhaps they should have said “For a 48-hour day”, for the double amount of work one has to do that the boss wanted done yesterday *laugh* Or, how about this: “For a _______*-hour day (*fill in as deemed fit/ applicable; hours subject to change depending on circumstance)”.

* I am Money Paranoid. Capitalized. Only have 8 months to save up for our wedding.

* Reading the DARK TOWER series is absolutely delightful. References to T.S. Eliot, creating a LORD OF THE FLIES kind of feeling… it’s enough to give you goose bumps. Ironically enough, I was working through one of the English For Success learner’s books that OUP publishes (not sure if it was the Gr. 7 or 8 book), when I stumbled upon an extract from William Golding’s novel. The word ‘Piggy’ is going to take on a whole new meaning for them…

* In the immortal words of an older friend’s Facebook status: “You are never too old to learn something stupid”.

* There’s a new Simon’s Cat video out, THE BOX. Check it out! Just what I needed to add to the hump of this day… hey, maybe I should start annoying people by sending them a ‘hump of the day’ message to their inboxes every Wednesday! Now there’s an idea 🙂

* When you want to write about your random thoughts – which feel like they have been accumulating nicely – you can never seem to remember them… which is why I’m going to start jotting them down. I’ve already started doing it at work.

* Is it wrong for wanting to dress in a sexy, sophisticated little number and go play Trophy Wife at my Significant Other’s high school reunion (class of 2005)?

* There are two things I need daily: my LOLcats, and the Garfield daily comic strip. Both relate to cats. I think there must be great significance in this.




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19 08 2010

LOLcats are vital to a balanced breakfast.

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