I’ll Admit (Part IV)

26 08 2010

I’ll Admit:

* Having wedding-related dreams two nights in a row probably isn’t uncommon if you’re getting married in a bit over eight months’ time… what doesn’t make it so great, however, is dreaming that a huge mechanical structure is floating in the sky, and that a huge chunk breaks of and falls downwards, and you are told that your Significant Other has just died. Like not getting your hair right wasn’t bad enough.

* I am very tempted to go to the Bridal Expo in Tyger Valley this weekend, although there’s probably no use in my going. I only need someone to do my hair and make-up (have two options already), and a DJ for the evening (and we have a few numbers we can phone). Plus, yesterday was payday, so I’m not too keen on spending an hour or two in an over-crowded shopping centre.

* NARUTO is far better than DRAGONBALL Z. Things aren’t drawn out to the point of boredom, there’s depth, and it’s about ninjas. (I love Kakashi-sensei!)

* Not being able to go to work due to complete bodily illness and an intense headache to boot is a major ‘bummer’ for me, since I actually enjoy what I’m doing. I may be only an intern… but I’m a valued, can-do intern!

* One of the most wonderful things in life is family. I don’t know what I’d do without mine. I prepared a lovely home-cooked supper for my older sister last night, and it was great to have a face-to-face chat (other than our daily e-mail correspondence). I suppose I’m pretty lucky, because I have an ‘extended’ family: my parents and sisters (biological), my second parents/ future in-laws, plus my Tennessee ‘parents’ 🙂

* It irks me that Smudgy seems to prefer my Significant Other above me. I feed her, clean her dung box, play with her, talk to her, stroke her, and want to accommodate her as much as possible… but when we’re sitting on the couch, will she jump up to sit on my lap? Nooo… she’ll sit on the person’s lap who doesn’t ‘play nice’ with her and gets her all worked up – the one who gives her baths and taunts her *sigh* Guess she isn’t my cat after all.

* Being called a ‘language expert’ (although I know I’m not one) by my mentor at OUP feels like one of the greatest compliments I have ever received. She says I have a can-do attitude and accommodating manner, and that my contributions are valued. Maybe I’ll do all right in the industry.

* I dislike myself for not being able to write at the moment. I’m not sure if it’s writer’s block, no self-confidence, or feeling that what I’ve done thus far isn’t really worth much… But, there is a writing competition I want to enter, 500 words, any genre. This just might be a good exercise for me. Any ideas what I should write about? Or at least a suggestion for genre?

* It’s probably no coincidence that I love both SHERLOCK HOLMES and SCOOBY-DOO. It’s like the cartoon version of the fine master sleuth, wouldn’t you agree?

* I want a cake like this one:

* …and I’m planning on baking a special cake for my second mommy, who celebrates her birthday next Friday. Just hope it’ll turn out decent enough.




2 responses

26 08 2010

I still have wedding dreams sometimes and I’ve been married for almost three years. They just get more frequent as it gets closer.

11 09 2010

this is awesome man

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