Unexpected gems = great reading

30 08 2010

The first day of the Cape Town Book Fair was Trade Day – the day ‘we’ (I hope that I can be counted as inclusive and worthy) in the industry had a chance to mingle, observe, and enjoy the show before opening to the general public the following day. You might remember that I told you how I couldn’t resist purchasing some books before the day was out – something I cannot be blamed for as a book lover/ avid reader.

What these books had in store for me, I never could have guessed. I unwittingly stumbled upon true gems in that treasure trove of books stacked and jumbled together at the Bargain Books stall – rows and stands of books mixed together, and myself digging around for both interesting covers and blurbs on the back.

And, as stated, I was in for a treat with my loot.

I made my first contact with Glenn Cooper.

I’m sure many (if not most) of you will have no idea who he is. Neither did or do I – I suppose I can read up on him now; I’ll admit I had a look at his website on Saturday when I noticed, to my sheer delight, an extract from his third book at the back of his second novel. I immediately felt the urge need desire to procure this third novel of (what-will-certainly-contain) greatness at the most convenient time possible… which, in this case, will have to be ASAP!!

So, what got me ‘into’ his first two novels? It’s such a mix of things, I don’t even know where to start. First off, their covers caught my attention, and the blurbs on their backs intrigued me. Mystery, suspense, serial killers, and uncovering one of the greatest secrets mankind is unaware of? Sounds good to me. The characters are solid and believable; the jump between time periods in the first novel help the reader complete the metaphorical puzzle and solve/understand the mystery a bit at the time, although not all is revealed or explained completely, which is why the fact that there is a second (and now third!) novel is wonderful – for it will certainly help feed the reader’s insatiable appetite for a good story and information.

Want to know what else these novels look at?

Area 51.

The truth behind it all. Government cover-ups. Life and death.

And the End of Days.

What would you say if someone told you there were about 700 000 tomes in an ancient library, containing the dates of birth and death of all the people in the world… written centuries in advance… and all the dates noted were/are true…?

It makes you wonder about a lot of things, like destiny and futility and all the things in life you work so hard for that seem to be pre-determined, meaning that you have no free will or choice of your own. No matter what you do, that’s what’s destined for you, and your date of death is established.

Sort of spooky, wouldn’t you say?

All I know is that, with such wonderful titles as LIBRARY OF THE DEAD, BOOK OF SOULS and THE TENTH CHAMBER, I cannot wait to see what other interesting titles and novels this author has in store for us over the years to come… But first, I need to buy that third novel!!




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