Get a Spring in your step

31 08 2010

Hmm… everybody is excited that tomorrow, the 1st of September, is the ‘first’ day of Spring.

Spring Day, huh?

You people really need to get your dates right…

Although I’m not one to argue if everyone wants to get excited that September through November sees the joyous time of Spring to bless our patch of the globe, I must point out that the vernal equinox (Latin, ver = spring) only occurs in the latter half of September – 03:09 AM on the 23rd of the month, to be precise (thank you Wikipedia).

Anyone who lives here in SA will tell you not to get too excited that Spring time is upon us. Today is a cold, windy, rainy day, with weather conditions looking pretty much the same for the rest of the week. Winter came a bit late this year, and it cannot seem to make up it’s mind if it wants to rain or give us bursts of sunshine with a slight chill. Either way, I see no decrease in degrees Celsius… and the fact of the matter is, I love it.

Rainy weather, you lie close to my heart.

I’m not saying I want it to be cold all of the time, definitely not up to the point where my feet are permanently freezing and I have to restrain myself from keeping the heater on high for hours on end. I simply prefer the cozy atmosphere such weather creates. Sunshine is fine, and I do like Spring… but it’s Summer that I’m dreading.

I hate Summer. Don’t try to change my mind.

It’s incredibly warm. Nothing seems able to cool you down. The heat increases the intensity of my daily headaches. I’m not particularly fond of the beach. Feeling sluggish is a total drag. Blah, blah, et cetera. I think I’ve talked about his before (perhaps I should search my blog folder on my laptop).

Canola fields: breath-taking

One thing I most definitely do love about Spring is the tell-tale signs that spread the country side. The beautiful Canola flowers are a rich vibrant yellow standing out against the getting-greener-still grasses and vineyards. The trees in Victoria Street will start to become lush and paradisiacal (like a paradise, for those of you struggling to pronounce that word). Ice-cream will become a diet staple when nothing else seems to ‘work with’ your system or the ‘effort’ of preparing a meal and eating in such heat. Lots of tasty fruit will help detox the system post-Winter hibernation (excess kilograms and body fat likely).
Spring Day: an excuse to expect or give flowers, to celebrate the beginning of another season, to perhaps get a bit healthier and more disciplined…

…and to welcome the new CO2 emissions tax (which applies to new passenger cars, incl. SUVs).

Time to take care of the earth, go green, and put a Spring in our step!! Be happy, healthy, and look to the horizon!!

Optimism… I’m not sure how much it agrees with me…




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31 08 2010
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14 09 2010
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14 09 2010
Liske van Lill

that’s very sweet of you! my twitter name is LiskeKitten

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