Women and shoes

7 09 2010

I don’t think I’ll ever truly understand the fascination women seem to have with shoes.

I know I’m a woman. And yes, I have many pairs of shoes. Yet most of the time, when purchasing a new addition, it stems out of necessity… plus my mum is usually the one buying me shoes, so that might explain all the ‘nice’ shoes I have, sandals to wear for special occasions… But at least those shoes will last for years to come.

So what is it with women and shoes? I’ve never seen anyone lose as much control and self-restraint than when glancing upon an insanely high-heeled glitterati specimen that you won’t have a hell of chance walking on.

But, again, that’s probably just me.

High heels, flats, sexy, conservative, sneakers, sandals, glamming-it-up, lazing-around, neutral, bright, pattered, suede – the list goes on and on, and many women fall prey to the spending trap that is shoe shopping. Have you ever noticed how bloody expensive shoes are?! If a shoe is more than R200 or R250, I won’t even consider buying it… Then again, I prefer to wear flats (not the biggest heel fan), and they cost between R70 and R100, so placing a purchase isn’t too bad on a monetary scale.

As mentioned, I buy shoes out of necessity. Case in point, I’ve had my pair of black flats for a year and a half to two years, and they have had it. The inside was never really fitted properly, which means the piece of cloth glued on the inside (with little polka dots) always kept lifting up and, as a result, could never be glued back to look ‘nice’ – my feet were always in the shoes, thus I suppose their insides (or lack thereof) don’t matter. Those shoes have been with me through rain and sunshine, crazy Stellenbosch weather, mud, grass and sandy places (the beach included, or course). Their soles, though still seeming all right on the outside/ bottom, are visibly worn through when you look at the inside of the shoe.

Finally, last Saturday, I had had enough, and set out on a mission to Cape Gate (a lifestyle centre, as they call it, probably too good to be deemed a mere shopping centre/mall) to find shoes. And with any other thing, when you’re looking for something specific, do you think I could find anything? Murphy, you sly dog you…

Mr Price, Foschini, Truworths, Edgards – all no-goes… and not just the shoes part, but clothing as well. I’ve been looking for a few dresses and nice skirts to wear to work, yet to no avail. They either don’t have what I want in my size, or the clothes are ‘ghastly’, or – and this is always frustrating – they’re too expensive for me to even consider purchasing. A shirt and skirt combo can add up to one and a half/ two weeks worth of groceries!

In any case, I finally managed to find a pair of comfortable black flats at Ackermans for R100:

Pretty, aren't they? 🙂

New shoe on the left, old shoe on the right... It was about time for an 'upgrade'...

For some bizarre reason, and quite horrifying to myself, I was in the mood to shop this weekend. Not go on a spending spree and be frivolous with my money, and most definitely not because of the so-called primal female instinct to shop. I think it’s because I’ve received two paychecks by now, and there’s this preconceived notion that people will all you what you bought with your first salary. So there you have it: I bought myself a pair of comfortable shoes that will most likely last me about another two years.

That, and a pretty three-quarter sleeve coat. Affordable, stylish… and I’ve always wanted one! 😉

[Just an aside: apparently, shoes are seen as a phallic symbol. Wonder if it appeals to women on a far more primal way in the regions of their unconscious…]




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7 09 2010
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