Sum. Ass.

28 09 2010

I’ve been working with the (CAPS) documents for the new curriculum for quite some time now. As such, when I want to make notes for myself, I use a sort of shorthand and abbreviations, just to save myself some time on little things. That said, this morning I was looking at assessments for the speaking division of what the learners must do, and every time I came across the words “summative assessment”, I simply shortened it to “Sum. Ass.”

Maybe a little bit funny, when you read it out of content (which is what actually makes it funny, I suppose) – yet today, I’m feeling like some ass… the donkey kind, not the kind you sit on (if you’re familiar with my writing, you’ll know that I’d type “arse” if I meant your  behind).

I keep giving myself paper cuts here at work. I don’t know how I do it, but when I look, there’s another. What really makes me feel stupid is the fact that (a) they usually happen between the tip of my finger and the lower knuckle (although, most frequently, they land up right below my cuticle – as stated, I don’t know how, so don’t ask), and (b) I tend to land these paper cuts on the same places!!

Some ass I’m making of myself… Luckily I’m not a bleeder, otherwise the headline “Work kills: death by paper cut in office” would be quite fitting.

Another way I’m feeling like some (kind of) ass, is the fact that now I have to beg plead ask my friends (and now you, dear blog readers) to vote for my short story on the South African Writers page on Facebook. I suppose it’s no big deal – just a 500 word short story, 14 entrants, and the prize up for grabs is a book. Although I would love all my friends to be enthusiastic about my writing and read what I have to offer, it still feels pretty foolish asking them – very nicely, I’ll admit, although I haven’t bribed offered them money… yet… – to vote for my story. I don’t want them to feel obligated to do that… although some interest would be appreciated. Haven’t you ever felt stupid asking people to vote/ sign up for something? It’s a little cry of, ‘please, I’m desperate, help make me feel I have talent/ that I’m doing something worth while, oh pretty pretty please’…

And, as I said, all of this to win a book. Not get the story published (although that would have been pretty awesome) or some such thing. Just the satisfaction that the majority of readers enjoyed what you had to offer and consequently gave you their vote (read: approval)… But if you ask your friends to vote for you, how is that getting you anywhere? Wouldn’t you want the approval of a greater group, of those who don’t know you and don’t simply indulge you so as to prove their friendship and loyalty to you? *sigh* These questions are enough to drive one crazy…

Oh, and I think I’m going to make (some) ass of myself on Saturday when I go to the Bridal Expo at the CTICC. I’ve already got mostly everything planned, going for a trial for my hair and make-up soon enough, so all I need is a DJ (we have almost ten we can phone, which means that isn’t an issue, really). The only reason I want to go is out of curiosity… And oh, don’t brides-to-be at these expos always seem to make asses of themselves? Hunting desperately for what they want (which, many times, they are unsure of to begin with), being swayed by people with pretty pictures and ‘good deals’, taking part in the frenzy of happiness and love which brings in a lot of money to the vendors, the high-pink colour in their excited cheeks… and dragging whoever was unlucky enough to agree to go with them around for hours on end… What’s not to seem foolish?

I think I’ll just go quietly about my business, take a turn around the stalls (while trying not to look like a crazy/ desperate/ infatuated/ over-eager bride), then make a beeline out of there.

I just think this trip might depress me enough to go to Limnos Bakery and have some of their wicked (high-caloried) treats… which, if sweet indulgences continue, will lead people to say on my wedding day (upon seeing me in my dress): “Wow, she sure does have some arse on her!”

Now that's making an arse of yourself!




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29 09 2010
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