Canadians and clowns and jeans – oh my!

11 10 2010

Although I’m flattered that people read my blog, sometimes I feel a bit… what’s the word I’m looking for? … disconcerted (?) by the search terms entered when looking up my ramblings.

After all, it’s the way in which people view you and what you’re writing about, isn’t it? And sometimes a few key words can paint an odd picture of the self as projected by others.

So, how do my readers see me? (And why, if they’re going to keep searching for it with the same term/s, why don’t they just bookmark my blog?) It would seem that I am best known – or searched for – using the terms “South Park Canadians/ Canadians South Park” or “Canadians”. Other popular search terms include Pennywise the Clown/ IT clown and Stephen King, my whole little Mona Lisa shpeel, and – wait for it – manbearpig (!!!)

What an image to project to others…

Here, as a summary, are the amounts that the top searches comprise of; this is since I started my blog (13 March 2009) up until today:

1) South Park and/ or Canadians: 75

2) Pennywise, IT and Stephen King: 64

3) The Skinny on my Jeans/Genes, skinny jeans or jeans (in general): 62

4) Mona Lisa: 10

5) Manbearpig: 7

6) “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me” (etc.): 7

7) Heritage day: 4

Yip, those are pretty much the top searches thus far when people are scouting for my blog since it came into existence almost 19 months ago… Canadians and clowns and jeans, oh my! Please note that these are not the only search terms used to find my blog, but only those that stand out as ‘most prominent’… simply cannot believe that manbearpig is actually under the top five… But South Park and its Canadians trumping Stephen King, my all-time favourite author, someone whose writing has both inspired me and left me in awe?

The shame, the humiliation… the inner struggle to not start saying “eh” at the end of each sentence…

But that’s all right. At least it’s better than the one term, “he opened my jeans” – definitely not the type of blog a certain person was looking for! So thanks for searching about the skinny over here and reading up on what I have to say (and how my genes influence my life and thinking). I just hope that the creators of South Park don’t accept me as an honorary member of Canada and create a Canadian avatar for me in the show (or, worse, a Canadian clown wearing skinny jeans!). The slightest of slight possibilities, yet not one I’m going to neglect thinking about…

The internet sees and knows all.