Happy Christmas… no, Merry Halloween… wait —

28 10 2010

I’m not so sure which one it is anymore!

It’s pretty much the ‘season’ where things are a bit mixed up when you go to grocery stores or shopping centres. At the end of (even mid–) September/ beginning of October, many stores already started packing out Christmas chocolates and decorations and trees and all things ho-ho-happy.

Bring pumpkins, dancing – dangling – skeletons and warty witches’ noses into the mix, and the result brings about a pretty bizarre display window or aisle .

It’s Happy Halloween and Merry Christmas, and a bubble-bubble-toil-and-trouble cauldron full of tinsel entwined messiness. A morphing of two ‘holidays’ that in no way whatsoever (not really, I believe) relate to one another.

So what’s a girl to do?

For a few years now, my mum has treated the ‘kiddies’ in her Grade 7 class to goodie bags with treats for Halloween – just as a joke. It’s a way for her to put a smile on their faces and ‘indulge’ them (and herself) at least a bit since we here in South Africa don’t go about tricking or treating or costumed or whatever on the night when ghosties and ghoulies run amuck on their horned feetsies.

Puts me in the mood to watch that Garfield Halloween special… and I’ll admit, I still remember many of the words to the various songs.

I remember during my first year at university, I actually dressed up as a cat and went to write my History exam that way. I’ve told you about this, right? Yes, I believe so… in any case, I always smile to myself, knowing that even though we fall out of the ‘sphere’ of Halloween and all its accompaniments (i.e. that we don’t, for a fact, celebrate it), stores are making a killing. Ah, consumerism, you ol’ beauty! People help line the various stores’ pockets by literally buying into this so-called holiday, dressing up and holding Halloween parties (in a lot of cases, when it comes to non-kiddies, to drink and be merry).

And then, right on the heels of that, we’ll be back to singing our carols and pretending to be all good-natured and gosh-darned hoooly – holy, for those who prefer the un-drawn out version – because we’re rejoicing in the miracle of the birth of a saviour. Oh, we have to be good and only be nice and giving this one time of year, to spend spend spend and empty our pockets… but we’re filling our hearts with joy… right? Right?!

Ah, cynicism, there you are again. Or are you Scrooge? Probably doesn’t matter, either way.

It’s such a shame that holidays are so highly overrated. You’d think that people would learn by now that, although giving and receiving gifts is great, not to mention having big feast-like meals but once a year, this is only symbolic. Why can’t we care anytime of the year? Why can’t we make an effort to invite people over for meals to show that we care and are thankful to know them? Why don’t we give small gifts at any time of the year?

Maybe I should stick my head in the trick-or-treat bag I don’t have yet and hide my face until this whole hullabaloo is over.

‘Bah humbug’, anyone?

I’ve always preferred the mint ones…

(What would happen if we brought Chanukah into the mix…? Someone call SOUTH PARK!!)




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