Lead me not into temptation…

29 10 2010

You all know how the rest of this sentiment goes:

I’ve been feeling really icky lately. My head aches every day, my eyes are constantly tired – all in all, I’m just not feeling well, especially post-op (and the laparoscopy was nearly 6 months ago already).

Now that it is Spring, I want to ‘detox’ my system by taking better care of myself. On the whole I make pretty healthy food, but eating too much pasta and bread and things loaded with sugar (like cookies) isn’t good for you. I’ve noticed lately that eating to blocks of chocolate is fine, yet eating a whole Bar One or Tempo, say (not that they are that large, but still),  makes me feel slightly nauseous and increases the already-not-so-happy headache vibe I’ve got going for me every day.

I feel like I’ve been eating too much lately, and not fitting into your new clothes (not more than a month old) is highly depressing.

So for the last few days, as an iron boost, I have been bringing raisins to work. I drink a lot of water (I always do, so that’s a good habit). I’ve decreased my intake of carbohydrates, and I am again on a pretty great multivitamin – a Sportron product called Ultragard Forté.

And come the weekend, we’ll be going on an outing to buy ‘friendly’ foodies for my well-being, including fruits and veggies.

The only unfortunate thing is that our refrigerator seems to hate me.

No matter how much I turn up the temperature, i.e. how warm I make it, it still manages to freeze everything. Even food placed in containers gather ice on the inside. Mushrooms become as hard as rocks… not to mention the tomatoes, as well, which then become super-mushy once they defrost. On Sunday the whole thing decided to defrost, then re-freeze, start to defrost again, and then while I was cleaning everything up and hacking chunks of ice out of the d*mn freezer, what happens? It decides to freeze again *sigh* Just can’t win, can I?

i need one of these for the kitchen cupboards as well...

It’s time to follow a ‘diet’ (please not: not GO on a diet) that suits my situation. The foods they suggest endometriosis suffers should and shouldn’t eat is scarily similar to things I believe aren’t very good for my system right now. Besides, what’s so bad about wanting to live healthily? It’s not like I’m going to suddenly cut out everything that is supposedly ‘bad’ for you. Anything can be fine to eat, as long as it’s done in moderation. Oh, and exercise – time for crunches and pushes again…

So for my mum’s birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, my birthday, and any other special occasion between now and my wedding on the 7th of May, please – don’t lead me into temptation.

It’s hard enough to ‘fight off’ when you can do the leading there yourself.

Bad calories… duz not (shud not) wantz…




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29 10 2010
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