I (almost) see what you mean

19 10 2010

There isn’t much that bothers me on any given day of the week. Sure, most of the time it’s the headaches I get, but those I’ve learnt to live with. Sometimes it might be people, comments, something I heard on the radio, or general worries that then develop into irksome things. But on the whole, I think I’m all right when I go to work – no complaints there, since I’m working for a great company who treats me well and values my input.

Today, however, there is something bothering…

…and that is the fact that I. Forgot. My. Glasses. In. My. Significant. Other’s. Car. Surely  not the best way to start off a Tuesday morning (especially when you woke up with what feels like an ice-pick jabbing into your right-side temple).

To quote Velma from SCOOBY-DOO: “I can’t see a thing without my glasses!!”

It’s a good thing that I’m nearsighted, since I mostly sit at my desk and work with books or texts on my computer screen. (For those of you who don’t know or cannot make the deduction from what I just said, a nearsighted person sees near objects clearly, while objects in the distance are blurred). It’s only when I have meetings or want to see what’s going on on the other side of the room/ hallway that it becomes a problem.

I never used to have bad eyesight. In fact, my optometrist always said that I had perfect vision. Then again, things usually change once you set off for university. I’ve read somewhere that many people tend to get classes a few years into their studies (strange but true, though it is understandable). I had to get glasses at the end of my second year (this would have been right before Christmas in 2007). I had to go for a check-up at the end of last year, only to discover that my eyes had worsened, necessitating stronger lenses. And although I suppose my next appointment should be made for the end of next year again (two-year intervals), I am strongly temped to go again this coming December.

Because these old eyes, they ain’t what they used to be.

Of course, I could consider getting contact lenses… but that would annoy the living daylights out of me – having to remember to put them in and take them out, not to mention the ‘odd’ sensation of having to put something in my eye, which with my luck will irritate my eye. The other alternative is laser surgery (drastic, I know), yet I don’t believe I can afford that…

I can see it now: walking down the aisle next May, not being able to see anything, and smiling at the blurry vision of my friends and family in the reception hall… because there’s no way I am wearing my glasses while walking down the aisle (although, technically, it’ll be across a carpet on a lawn outside). Super nerd bride, here I come…

[Aside: if I’m nearsighted, does that mean that I’m not allowed to tell people that I ‘see’ what they mean? What if the meaning has to be reached and come by from a distance? Can I say, wait, hold on, I need to put on my mental glasses for this one (now where did I put them)…?]


Happy Monday

18 10 2010

Cheshire Cat impersonation

I woke up this morning thinking that it was Sunday and wondering why my Significant Other’s alarm was going off so d*mn early… only to realize that, yes, it’s Monday and yes, I still have a god-awful headache. It’s enough to drive you absolutely bonkers…

…although, technically, I probably already am – it’s been too late for me for years. But hey, like Alice said, all the best people are 😉

Happy Monday madness, everyone!

Headaches and cellphone-less-ness-ity

15 10 2010

Headache: day I’ve-lost-count-already.

I find it ironic that, after going to see a neurologist last Friday (just a general visit, no tests), I have had a worse-than-usual headache every day after that – a week later, and I’m worse off than I ever could have imagined – excruciating headaches that are borderline-migraines, with a migraine surfacing for most of yesterday and a great deal of this morning.

Guess I’ll have to have my head examined.

Pretty much how I feel...

When asked to describe my headaches, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it – only because it does vary according to the severity of the unwelcome daily intrusion. Mostly, I’d say that it’s a throbbing pain, accompanied with the feeling of someone pressing down harder and harder on my temples, causing bursts of agony that might be similar to having a screwdriver driven from one side of the head to the other (I wouldn’t know, as this has never literally happened to me).

You’d think after almost eight years of daily headaches I’d be used to it by now…

To top things off, I seem to be extremely unlucky when it comes to cell phones. Either they switch off of their own accord, don’t ring when there’s an incoming call or don’t receive messages, eat my airtime by checking my e-mails (but not, in fact, receiving any – I kid you not), and generally annoy me to hell and gone.

And it seems like the evil cell fairy has struck again.

Wednesday afternoon. My cell phone is in perfect working condition, actually receiving my e-mails and making the ‘noises’ it should. Not a scratch on the screen or cover. Battery half-full. All seems well, and things are peaceful in Discordia… Then, the inevitable: picking up the phone to check for text messages, the screen is blank. Oh joy.

Try to switch it on – nothing happens. Take out the battery, check for dust, reinsert it, try to switch it on again – again, a resounding nothing. Try again – the phone makes an ominous, stretched-out buzzing sound, then falls silent again. The phone remains off. So of to the Vodashop we went.

(At least we received good service)

My phone had to be checked in, after which they’ll ship it off for inspection… meaning that I’ll be phone-less for one to two weeks. Luckily, the only time I ‘really’ need my phone is when my Significant Other let’s me know that he’s waiting outside OUP to pick me up after work, so that’s all right. My parentals have been informed that they shouldn’t contact me on my cell, and to cover all bases (just in case), I even put a message up on Facebook to inform my friends of the situation.

But now the waiting and ‘worrying’ is giving me a headache. That, and the fact that their system at the Vodashop listed my phone as not being under warranty – and we only bought the thing last December! So if the phone is supposed to have a warranty of 24 months, and only 10 months have passed, does it mean that they gave me an old phone? Or is it simply, typically, my bad luck?

*breathe, breathe*

They say exercise is good for headaches, plus it can relieve tension, so maybe I should try that…

…or maybe not :-/

I can only hope that the headache will dissipate in time. It’s difficult to focus on what you’re reading with a constant pounding interrupting one’s concentration flow… and I really, really want to read – I’m busy with the last book in the DARK TOWER series. So close to completion, the tower draws ever nearer, oh Discordia! Help me on my quest – do and say thankya, I beg, big-big.

Cheer up! with Garfield and Calvin & Hobbes

14 10 2010

I’ve been having horrible headaches since Saturday, with the big ‘M’ arriving this morning: Migraine. One so bad that I’m not even at work… If only it were as easy to fix as the Garfield solution below:

If that doesn’t work, perhaps I should try it Calvin & Hobbes style:

Either way, I think I should book those tests the neurologist suggested, no matter how much it’s going to cost – because, quite frankly, nearly 8 years of having a headache every. single. day. … is enough to consider decapitation.

Project ‘management’ according to Calvin

13 10 2010

Although I love Calvin‘s reasoning (and come on, who doesn’t, he’s a clever little guy!), my obsessive compulsive streak rarely allows me to leave things to last-minute panic… which is why, with three months of the internship down and only three more months to go, I already have a blue A4 lever-arch file filled with information for the research project I have to do. Go figure.

Canadians and clowns and jeans – oh my!

11 10 2010

Although I’m flattered that people read my blog, sometimes I feel a bit… what’s the word I’m looking for? … disconcerted (?) by the search terms entered when looking up my ramblings.

After all, it’s the way in which people view you and what you’re writing about, isn’t it? And sometimes a few key words can paint an odd picture of the self as projected by others.

So, how do my readers see me? (And why, if they’re going to keep searching for it with the same term/s, why don’t they just bookmark my blog?) It would seem that I am best known – or searched for – using the terms “South Park Canadians/ Canadians South Park” or “Canadians”. Other popular search terms include Pennywise the Clown/ IT clown and Stephen King, my whole little Mona Lisa shpeel, and – wait for it – manbearpig (!!!)

What an image to project to others…

Here, as a summary, are the amounts that the top searches comprise of; this is since I started my blog (13 March 2009) up until today:

1) South Park and/ or Canadians: 75

2) Pennywise, IT and Stephen King: 64

3) The Skinny on my Jeans/Genes, skinny jeans or jeans (in general): 62

4) Mona Lisa: 10

5) Manbearpig: 7

6) “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me” (etc.): 7

7) Heritage day: 4

Yip, those are pretty much the top searches thus far when people are scouting for my blog since it came into existence almost 19 months ago… Canadians and clowns and jeans, oh my! Please note that these are not the only search terms used to find my blog, but only those that stand out as ‘most prominent’… simply cannot believe that manbearpig is actually under the top five… But South Park and its Canadians trumping Stephen King, my all-time favourite author, someone whose writing has both inspired me and left me in awe?

The shame, the humiliation… the inner struggle to not start saying “eh” at the end of each sentence…

But that’s all right. At least it’s better than the one term, “he opened my jeans” – definitely not the type of blog a certain person was looking for! So thanks for searching about the skinny over here and reading up on what I have to say (and how my genes influence my life and thinking). I just hope that the creators of South Park don’t accept me as an honorary member of Canada and create a Canadian avatar for me in the show (or, worse, a Canadian clown wearing skinny jeans!). The slightest of slight possibilities, yet not one I’m going to neglect thinking about…

The internet sees and knows all.

May I take your order?

5 10 2010

It’s only Tuesday, and already I have done a lot of work… and it’s not going to end there.

Seems like I’m the ‘Go To’ person when you need a favour – and at this point I’m not going to complain, since I like helping out where I can.

It’s just funny how things work out sometimes…

My older sister will have been married for six months this coming Sunday. As such, she has roped me in played on my gullible side asked me nicely if I would whip her up a batch of lasagne for the occasion, then she won’t have to worry about cooking. Okay, fine, no problem – she’s my big sister, so why not lend a helping hand?

On Sunday, upon visiting my future parentals (also known as the in-laws), I found at that mommy #2 was going away on a trip for a great part of the week, which means that she had spent part of her weekend preparing meals for the boys (I think all three my Significant Other’s brothers are staying at home, although I’m not sure of one of them) for the week ahead… And who does she ask if she wouldn’t mind preparing and bringing a batch of lasagne to them on Thursday? No brainer: me. Feel flattered and ‘nervous’ at the same time – almost like it’s a sort of ‘test’, where I have to win the approval of my brothers-to-be regarding my culinary prowess.

Did I mention I’ll be the first one to get married and take on their family name in about twenty years or more? [Yip, no pressure there…]

Again, I’m happy to do it, as I love helping out and would gladly do my second mommy a favour. So that’s one order to go (pick up), and one order for delivery (no fee added)…

To sound like one of those corny ads you see on television: “But wait, there’s MORE!!!”

I spoke to a good university friend of mine on Saturday, and she needed some help with proofreading for her Masters thesis. Only thing is, it would be about 130 pages, and they need to be proofread by next Monday (the 11th). Did I even hesitate in offering my assistance?

What do you think?

Typos, phrasing, content... EDIT!

(And I didn’t even ask for any sort of payment…)

She sent me the various sections on Sunday, telling me that she needed to have it by next Wednesday and thanking me for my help. I didn’t get around to working on it on Sunday, but I vowed that yesterday I would try to get at least halfway, sparing both of us a bit of stress. Of course I had to go to work first and ‘wurk hard for teh monies’ (as I always say in LOL-speak) before I could even think about looking at her thesis. Just slightly ironic that it fits in perfectly with the educational environment I find myself in, as well as some of the research I have been doing (although not as refined or in-depth as her stuff is – hers is a MA thesis, after all).

You know what? I reached my goal. I finished up the task I was busy with for work (OUP), worked on some tasks for World Book Day (due Friday and Monday), and then worked through three of six sections my friend sent me – sixty-four A4 pages, that is. And now, I only have sixty more pages to go 🙂

Yes, I’m proud of myself. Stick a golden star on that team player’s head *laugh*

I’ll probably be able to finish this first ‘order’ by tomorrow evening – marked for delivery to her inbox. The second ‘order’ is for Thursday – delivery; and the final order should be prepared on Saturday – to go (so it’ll be ready to pop into the oven for heating on Sunday). Please feel free to tip your server in any way you feel fit…

But hey, life’s pretty good, even though I should be exercising and need to go see a neurologist on Friday due to my headaches and feel so fidgety that I can’t breathe at this very moment (the air in- and outside the office is quite humid)… I’m wearing my team player, go get ‘em, would-you-like-fries-with-that panties this week – and I’ll tell you, the feeling is pretty good.

Now if only I had time to go grocery-shopping for the apartment…

(Oh, and did I might be climbing ladders and packing boxes for my mentor sometime this week? Perhaps I should see it as an extreme sport… or a test of endurance.)

I'll have to keep one of these handy...