Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man…

15 11 2010

I’ll just go ahead and say it: it’s that time of year. That’s one of those phrases a person can get sick of hearing or reading, yet it’s so tempting to use anyway… which is why I did, and I apologize if you feel like groaning and rolling your eyes at me – ‘yeah, okay, like we haven’t heard that one before.’

But honestly, it is that time of year: there are 40 days until Christmas, and it’s time to bring on the festive cheer. As long as one steers clear of the shopping centres spreading commercialism and nausea inducing red and green ‘delights’ for the various senses, then Christmas can actually be all right.

And with ‘that time of year’, it goes without saying that it is time to do some baking! Blame my genes – I grew up in a house where my father baked cookies and whatever else; you ought to remember me telling you this in a blog post of mine some time ago. (I believe the post in question was titled “Call me cookie”, if I am not mistaken.)

My younger sister will be writing her last exam this coming Wednesday – all the more reason to get ‘excited’ and whip out the baking utensils. And why not? It’s what we do: a cake here, some fudge there, even some brownies and scones and muffins thrown in on the side, and perhaps a cheesecake if you’re lucky… you just have to be careful and watch your waistline.

My mum’s birthday is coming up on the 16th of December, and I already know what kind of cake I want to bake her – or rather, what I want the cake to look like. Let’s just say that this year she won’t be counting wrinkles, years or grey hairs…

Also, my mentor’s birthday is next Saturday, and although I don’t want to seem like the over-eager intern who is sucking up, she has done a lot for me in the last 4 months, so baking a cake is the least I can do. I had so much fun helping my future mother-in-law with the huge cake she made for one of her son’s office for his birthday a while ago, it’s no wonder I’m in the mood to bake and ice and decorate up a storm (although it’ll be a small, short-lived storm, I wager).

So if you know me personally and live within a reasonable distance of my home, don’t hesitate to request a cookie or two over the holiday season. Just remember that I’m working on a budget and saving for a wedding, so you just might have to supply the baking goods for the sweet treats 😉 (Hey, I’m honest – at least you can say that!)




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