I think I’ve found my pick-me-up

16 11 2010

Okay, so I’ve been feeling a bit ‘off’ lately. Hard to miss or not know, since I’ve been blogging about it. The fact that the weather was unbearably warm yesterday and will continue to escalate isn’t helping my head much, since I seem to be adverse to summer… in as much as one can be said to be, given that the heat gives me extreme headaches/ migraines, makes me feel constantly nauseous and causes light-headedness or dizziness no matter what or how much I eat.

Still, as I often tell myself (and it’s true, really), things aren’t all bad, and they can always be worse.

But now, things are about to get better… much, much better.

At this point, I’ll reiterate the title of this blog post: I think I’ve found my pick-me-up…

…and I have Stephen King to thank for it.

It’s difficult to curb my ‘enthusiasm’ at this point. The new Stephen King book FULL DARK, NO STARS is finally available here! You might have read me lamenting the fact that the release date was last Tuesday and it wasn’t available at my nearest Exclusive Books or CNA (my Significant Other made quite a few phone calls)… or you might not. I think I mentioned it in a blog post, though I cannot be too sure. I haven’t been blogging all too much lately, although I suppose I should – writing is said to be therapeutic, you know.

In any case, over the weekend (Sunday, this would be) my Significant Other ordered two books on the Exclusive Books website. Today he could go pick them up, and oh me, oh my, lo and behold – available there, for all the world to see and take in with sheer delight, is the paperback of King’s latest offering.

Normally, I would prefer obtaining one of his new books in hardcover, yet I was willing to forgo having to order and wait for it in favour of having it in my eager hands as soon as possible…

…or will I? I sincerely hope my Significant Other isn’t going to wrap it up and keep it for me as a Christmas gift. You probably can’t get anything more anti-climactic at now (of course you can, but in my case, this would be bad enough). And even if it were to be my Christmas gift, I would gladly read it now and bring it along to my parental home on the 24th of December, gushing over it and ranting about how wonderful it is (how can it not be?)

All I need now is big slice of cheesecake and – dare I say it? – some decent plunger coffee (it’s been 11 months since my last cuppa!) and I’m all set 🙂

Too bad my week is so busy: at my parental home tonight, hair and make-up trial tomorrow evening, pick my younger sister up in Stellenbosch on Thursday evening, and going to see the new HARRY POTTER film Friday evening.

I guess I just won’t be sleeping, then…




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22 11 2010

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8 11 2011
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