How has YOUR (work-) week been?

18 11 2010

Times flies when your… oh, wait, no – that’s not going to work here.

I’m not all too sure doing nothing constitutes as ‘fun’…

…when your in the workplace, that is.

On Monday, my line manager was off sick, thus I was allowed to work on my research project at home (this after sitting at my desk for three hours, trying to keep myself and finding things to do). The heat gave me an incredible headache, thus I couldn’t get much work done. That evening, my Significant Other wasn’t in the mood to go grocery shopping, so I just stayed plopped on the bed and finished reading I SHALL WEAR MIDNIGHT by Terry Pratchett. Not even that – or a nice bubble bath – could make me feel a bit better.

Tuesday saw me whiling my time away at work by doing… well, not nothing, but not work for my company either. Had time to finish the first draft of my research project, so that at least is all right. Yet the rest of the time (post twelve-o’clock meeting), my work didn’t keep me busy for very long, and I was hoping up until four-o’clock that someone would have some work for me to do.

It was not to be.

As a result, I left the office at just after four (ten past, I believe) – I went to my parental home, we went to the grocery store, and after my blog post of yesterday, you all know how that ended: a break-in, with little damage and but two things stolen, but the sense of safety broken down.

Yesterday, I just sat here, looking for information online (that is, what I hadn’t found or looked at already), and didn’t get any new tasks to attend to or books to work through for research. The info from Midrand will still take a while to get here. The result? Boredom, headache, nausea – leave the office at three-o’clock to work with my internship portfolio (at least that’s something I could do). I spent quite a bit of time at my parental home, as my older sister was coming to pick me up there, and then we would be off to an appointment for my hair and make-up trial (wedding).

And what happens?

The woman phones us at six-o’clock, having to cancel because of a personal (family) ordeal. Understandable, of course, yet it wasted quite a bit of my time as I was just sitting about doing nothing… well, I was perspiring and trying to stay cool, so maybe that doesn’t count as doing nothing… At least my Significant and I (finally) went grocery shopping, and I was able to come nearly halfway with the new Stephen King book.


Today is Thursday. After a nine-o’clock briefing session, I finally had work to do… which lasted all of an hour. Now I’m waiting for feedback and further instructions, and it’s nearly lunch time (one in the PM). We’re supposed to pick up my younger sister at her university residence tonight, which is fine because at least the car has air-conditioning and a drive would be nice…

I’m not sure what tomorrow has in store for me, work wise, but I hope I’ll be doing more than just sitting around, feeling guilty because I’m not doing anything (yip, I actually do – over-eager intern is pretty zealous)… [The evening, at least, sees us going to watch the new HARRY POTTER movie, so the working week won’t end on too bad a note.]

So, how has your work-week been?




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