Make time for…

22 11 2010

In our busy lives – or busy, at least, for a lot of people (not necessarily only at work, I’ll add) – we sometimes struggle to find or make the time to do things for ourselves. We worry, fret, stress, run around, multi-task, place things on the backburner, and find ourselves in a general state of don’t-bother-me-unless-it’s-really-important.

Given that, I believe that now, a few days over a month before Christmas, we should use this ‘festive’ time of cheer, love and relaxation to actually do those things: to find cheer in our lives, love those around us, and put in the effort (haha) to relax.

So, from last Monday until yesterday, 15 – 21 November, I’ve made time for…

* …family. Despite the fact that my parental home was broken into, I still had the time to have two sit down meals with my parentals. We (my Significant Other and I) also went to see his parents, even if it was only for an hour and a half to have a cup of coffee (tea for me) and cookies along with some conversation

* …friends. Something warm to drink at a coffee shop followed by a visit at our apartment. Even though I have to listen to the computer (read: geek) speak and all that, I love listening to the friends as they talk.

* …going to the movies. We went to see the first instalment of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS Friday evening. What an amazing film! I was (and still am) very impressed with how well they dealt with things that were in the book, and I do not feel that they left out anything crucial. The group of people in the cinema with us were a bit odd and silly, laughing at inappropriate times, yet it was still enjoyable.

* …doing a favour for others. We went to fetch my younger sister in Stellenbosch, making three or four trips up to her room to ensure that we had taken all her stuff – which then filled the entire boot (and it’s quite spacious) as well as most of the back seat (including the floor space). Despite her snappy attitude and being quite mean and rude to me, the appreciation of my parentals made up for her lack of (real) gratitude.

* …being silly. Which is what couples often do. Drinking champagne while having a bubble bath late-ish on a Saturday evening? Why not?!

* …reading. Last Monday I finished reading I SHALL WEAR MIDNIGHT by Terry Pratchett. Despite the fact that I worked all day, had to prepare meals, and the fact that we had plans Tuesday through Friday (evenings), I still managed to read the latest Stephen King novel (FULL DARK, NO STARS)… and Jeffery Deaver’s short story collection TWISTED – comprising of 418 pages – yesterday. On to EVIL AT HEART by Chelsea Cain 🙂

* …a bit of a treat. Okay, yes, I’m on a healthy eating ‘diet’ – and I’ve been doing pretty well. So I had a Tempo Powernut bar at work on Thursday, and two ystervarkies (lamingtons) yesterday. At least I was able to stay away from cheesecake.

These are but a few things, seemingly ‘insignificant’, yet they are little things that can brighten up one’s day. Now I just need to start exercising… won’t that be fun… :-/

What are you making time for?




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22 11 2010

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23 11 2010
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