Scattered Brainings XI

29 11 2010

* I think Friday was pick-on-me-and-my-cat day at our apartment complex. First I greet someone who commences to give me a nasty, unfriendly and eyes-blazing-into-my-skull-look before turning around and finishing his cigarette. Then another neighbour blames my cat for making so much noise and keeping him awake, when in fact I keep my cat indoors at night because the one cat terrorizes all the other cats.

* The kiddies at our complex have been eerily quiet for the last few weeks. Not entirely quiet, but sometimes you almost don’t even know that they’re there… except for the one crazy little girl who tells you to go away and drive her little bike into the steps repeatedly and won’t get out of the way of approaching vehicles.

* I love listening to our next door neighbour play the piano – it’s lovely. Reminds me of home. Now that it’s the festive season, she (I presume it is the woman) is practicing Christmas carols. That’s probably the closest I’ll get to hearing it before the 25th, since my Significant Other isn’t partial to it (Christmas music, I mean).

* Speaking of which, while my Significant Other was playing games on Saturday, I was able to listen to some Kenny & Dolly as he wasn’t really paying attention to what was playing in the other room… or to me, in fact.

* Note to self: when my Significant Other asks me if he can play one more game on a Saturday, don’t make plans for snuggling on the couch and watching a movie or perhaps having some wine – because a game is never quick. He asked me if he could play one more game at five-thirty/ six-o’clock. At quarter of eleven, I decided to get into bed. I have no idea what time he decided to come to bed and sleep.

* I have been neglecting my LOLcats and seriously need to catch up with the cute! Nothing to brighten you day like LOLcats in your inbox 🙂

* This year, I won’t just be having two Christmases, but three! We’ll be spending the 24th with my parentals and the 25th with my soon-to-be second set of parentals, as per usual. In addition, our group of friends is going to have a small get-together to fa-la-la-la-la and deck the halls with a bit of good cheer and nyummy food on the 18th.

* Why does that blasted black-and-white cat have to pick on my cat so much? Sure, he ‘picks fights’ with all the cats in our complex (and there are a lot, though policy states there are only allowed to be three in the whole complex), yet he seems to derive the most pleasure from chasing and harassing my cat. I had to get out of the car this morning to chase him away and close our open apartment window so he wouldn’t jump in and have Smudgy whimpering in a corner… if cats can be said to whimper, that is. ‘Cowering’ is probably a better word here.

* It would be nice if someone would be me a flat iron so I can add a bit of a wave/ curl to my hair on a regular basis – my hair and make-up trial proved that this suits me (*cough* hint-hint *cough*)

* Why are there so many really nice specials on when we cannot afford to buy anything for the apartment due to having to save for the wedding?

* Home: a place where people are glad that you pop in for a visit, no matter how long you stay… and even when you bring along a batch of laundry to wash.

* Home is also a place where I feel compelled to do the washing up (dishes, cutlery, etc.) even after I’ve told my father that I won’t do it. I also go do the ironing every second week.

* I try to stay away from places that sell cheesecake, yet if it cannot be helped, my headaches intervene, saving me from myself and keeping me from ordering some anyway.

* If you had to ask me why they split the last Harry Potter book into two movies, I’d have to say it’s in order for them to capitalize big time – if you can make a hell of a profit, then why not? After watching the first instalment, it felt like I could have sat there for another hour or two. Now the waiting begins again.

* My working day usual starts off with raisins and almonds. At least I’m getting in some iron!

* Whole wheat pasta tastes the same as ‘regular’ pasta, though it does help along digestion.

Uhm, no kitteh, he was borned, but that's kewl... Ooh, a shiniez!

* Ooh, almost forgot this one: Stages of waking up my Significant Other – sweet and loving, understanding, neutral, slightly irritated, frustrated, resigned. Only takes about 25 minutes.




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