Warm weather + feeling tired = falling asleep?! [Sorry, Stephen King!!]

9 12 2010

I hate warm weather.

As in reeeaaalllly abhor it. Who can survive when it’s 34 degrees Celsius outside?! (Warmer, even, as the temperature seemed to stagnate after midday rather than decrease as it ought to.)

Warm weather makes me nauseous. It makes me feel woozy and disoriented. And it’s a real bitch-kitty when it comes to headaches. It’s not enough that my headaches have been worsening of their own accord – now the sun and humidity and whatever else are contributing, as well.

Oh, and did I mention how sluggish heat can make one? But I suppose you already knew that…

I found out last Friday (after about two days of pain, and a delay in my that-time-of-the-month, which has yet to start) that I have bladder infection. Not the best way to start a weekend. Plus, for some reason unbeknown to yours truly, it made me feel incredibly tired. I know that it can cause you to dehydrate if you don’t drink enough water and makes you feel generally ‘icky’ and stuff like that, but tiring me so immensely that my eyes hurt (as if I hadn’t slept for a few days)? That feels a little bizarre to me.

The antibiotics might have had a role to play, I suspect…

In any case, yesterday was warm. Really warm. Unbearably warm, if you come out of a cool office and walk straight into a heat wave, then commence to make a pasta dish with mushroom sauce, in front of the stove where it only gets hotter and hotter. Not even changing into short shorts and having my hair up in a clip could help.

When it started to cool down a little, I decided that, instead of reading a book, which felt impossible since the heat made me fidgety, I would lie down on the cool sheets with the windows open and the lights off, then listen to the audio book of Stephen King’s THE COLORADO KID.

I have never listened to an audio book version of anything… but this is Stephen King we’re talking about, so the story was sure to enthral me, right?

Hmm… if I remember correctly, it didn’t seem to go that way…

I fell asleep.

Despite the heat, despite the pounding headache, despite knowing in the back of my mind that if I fell asleep while it was so warm I would wake up feeling worse later on, I still managed not to focus on what was being said, only catching snippets of the reading, and promptly became dead to the world.

At least it was already ten in the PM… I think.

Upon waking up at 4AM, realizing what time it is and that it was still pretty dark out, I felt slightly ‘disgusted’ with myself for lapsing into the land of nod. I mean, it was an audio book by Stephen King!! I hadn’t had time to listen to it yet, but since my Significant Other will be working late until about the 15th or 16th, it seemed like a great opportunity to give it a go.

My future father-in-law even let me know that the television series HAVEN is based on THE COLORADO KID.

Guess I’ll just have to give it a go again tonight… and not fall asleep. Here I am, a great Stephen King fan, owning basically all of his works, and I still manage to nod off amid the rich reading of one of his works. It’s enough to put me to shame…

After a year of abstinence (give or take a week – the 18th of December, to be precise), I think it might be time to start drinking coffee again.

My sentiments exactly




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9 12 2010
9 12 2010
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9 12 2010
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