‘Sleep?’ What is this ‘sleep’ you speak of…?

16 12 2010

…because I could sure use some right about now.

Though I do not suffer from insomnia (not since high school, which I completed at the end of 2005), lately I have been getting a little fed up with 1) not being able to fall asleep, 2) waking up far more frequently during the night, sometimes for extended periods of time, and 3) being wide awake and accordingly out of bed when I don’t, in actual fact, have to or want to be.

Saturday morning I was out of bed by 05:30. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday – all 6 in the AM. Wednesday at 05:20, and this morning (though I only got into bed at 01:45 and took a while falling asleep) at 06:15.

Please note that I didn’t say that I wake up at this time, but that I am out of bed by this time.

If that isn’t enough to be annoying, then I honestly don’t know what is…

Though I am not entirely sure what is causing my state of non-sleepy-ness, headaches/ borderline-migraines usually help things along, as I find it impossible to stay in bed once my head is a-pounding (something fierce, I might add). I know the sun is coming up earlier since it’s Spring – not Summer, people, not yet, anyway, but Spring – so the little bit of light that works its way through the curtains can add to the ‘claustrophobic’ air in the bedroom.

I could use more of this…

…instead of this:

At least not sleeping gives me time to read and bake and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Now if only I could get into the ‘mood’ to exercise…

[Aside: I’ll post some pics of the cake I baked for my mum’s birthday as soon as possible. Instead of counting years or wrinkles when it’s your birthday, why not count sheep, instead? – which is what I had my mum do, by baking her a cake that looks like a sheep. Maybe counting sheep could help me right about now… although there’s only one sheep cake, and one sheep probably won’t ge me very far…]




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