Christmas with Friends

20 12 2010

Typing the title to this post got this stuck in my head:

“Come on in, come to the place where fun never ends… come on it, it’s time to party with Garfield and Friends”.

And you wouldn’t be far off in saying that we had fun at our little Christmas dinner get together thingy yesterday.

Fifteen friends, an assortment of wine/ champagne glasses that didn’t match (I ‘sponsored’ seven), festive paper plates, Secret Santas and a hearty home-made meal served for an absolutely lovely time with amazing people… despite the fact that the to do was schedule for four-o’clock and the last two people only pitched up when it was nearly six-thirty (you know who you are…) 😉 At least my Significant Other and I pitched up at two-thirty to help with the preparations (not to mention supply 14 steak knives, at least).

We had an assortment of cocktail rolls, tender (succulent!) meat, saucy cauliflower with cheese, a potato and green bean dish, mini potatoes, sweet potato (mmm), jasmine rice… Quite a treat, and no mean feat to prepare for 15 people – so much love and appreciation to the three special ladies who made and organized everything!! Dessert was cantaloupe and watermelon with vanilla ice-cream, and the tastiest baked peach halves with chocolate biscuits and sherry. The girls were trying to figure out who each person’s Secret Santa was (apparently we weren’t allowed to tell each other, not even afterwards), while the guys were busy playing with one of said presents, not too bothered much with curiosity and such.

Just so ‘sad’ that, after such a wonderful, relaxing time, it’s back to work for three more days *sigh*

It seems like Christmas with Friends is going to be a yearly thing – though, in all fairness, next year should be the guys’ turn…

…however, they’ll probably opt for the easy-out solution and simply have a barbeque.

So pretty...

Notice all the different glasses?

Festive plates, Christmas crackers, place cards...

I baked and iced dove-shaped cookies, plus I made little bags with chocolate balls in for each person




One response

20 12 2010
Salóme van Lill

I still say you should start advertising what you make and do. Other people who have parties, will definitely make use of such an opportunity!!

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