T-minus 8 hours…

22 12 2010

…until I’m on leave and have a bit of ‘vacation’ time.

As if to celebrate along with me, the weather is actually nice and cool today – one might even go so far as to say it’s chilly. I hate warm weather. Walking out of the office (which is freezing, I have to wear a jersey daily) into unbearable heat (still 37 degrees Celsius at 5 PM) is enough to leave you feeling nauseous and super headache-y.

So here I am, sitting at my desk on a nice cool day – a day where the airconditioning, ironically, is not on and it’s extremely humid in here – wishing that I could be at home baking something right about now.

At least then I’d be productive, because I have absolutely nothing nada nil zilch zero to do today *sigh* That’s what you get for being efficient…

Yip, this is pretty much how I feel after the heaps of praise I get from my superiors 🙂

Finally, it’s time to not worry about getting my Significant Other out of bed in the morning. Time to lay about, reading to my heart’s content, no deadlines to meet (though I usually render them obsolete)… Time to see my two sets of parentals and siblings, to relax, to watch movies on the computer until I have rectangular eyes, to see what my cat is up to all day…

But most of all, it’s  time for this:

Not knowing what to do, and not really caring, either!! 😉

So have a lovely day, dear readers. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll post some pics of my parentals’ Christmas tree… or blog about Christmas traditions… or not post anything at all. I will be on vacation, after all.

Oh yeah...




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