Christmas Eve (morning)

24 12 2010

It’s here – the day before Christmas, and tonight it’s time to spread a bit of festive cheer at my parental home.

Yesterday was my first leave day, which saw me going to the shops with my parentals to buy a last few things such as glazed fruit and chicken and what not for our Christmas meal. I ended up helping my younger sister to bake cookies – which is to be expected, what with our genes and all – and even had the ‘honour’ of packing all the gifts under the tree (though my older sister is only bring hers today).

My parentals' Christmas tree!

Baking Christmas cookies is a pretty fun activity, yet my younger sister, Addy – you remember Addy, right? – got a little bit ‘twisted’ when decorating the teddy bears. Not that we decorated all the cookies – we did some trees (I literally decorated them!), and sprinkled 100s & 1000s and chocolate vermicilli over others, but we didn’t put a lot of ‘effort’ into them. With the bears, though, we made them little eyes and mouths…

…and it turns out that they creeped/ freaked us out so much, we dubbed them paedo-bears (surely you must have heard of paedo-bear and seen some pics/ demotivationals around the internet… or are we just weirdos??)

If that isn't creepy, then I don't know what is...

Puts ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ into a whole new perspective. [Daddy bear fed Goldilocks and made sure that she was comfortable, then sat by her bed and watched her sleep the whole night long.]

Anyway, being silly aside, I’m really looking forward to spending some time with my family. I’m sure the gift I bought my Significant Other will make him very happy (out of all the gifts under the tree, I think it’s the biggest box of them all), and apparently my father has something very special in store for us with the festive meal, so that’ll be ‘exciting’.

In case I don’t blog later tonight or by tomorrow afternoon, I’d like to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas 🙂 May the New Year be filled with love, laughter, happiness, prosperity, and may you find peace and blessings filling up yours days. xxx




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