And so we get presents :-D

27 12 2010

Happy day-after-Boxing-Day-which-is-a-public-holiday-since-Boxing-Day-fell-on-a-Sunday, everyone.

I hope you all had a wonderful time with your loved ones from the 24th to 26th (sorry for my absence from my blog for two days) – I just hope you’re still able to move after all the festive meals. All I know is that I don’t want to see food until New Years Eve…

…since we’re going to Lagoon Beach Hotel with my future parentals-in-law.

We spent Christmas Eve with my parentals. Want to see the pile of presents under the tree for seven people?

Pretty impressive, huh?

Are afternoon usually plays out as follows: arrive, talk to everyone, help with preparations in the kitchen, lay out everything on the table so it looks ‘attractive’ (it’s all about presentation with my dad), sit about a bit and watch the Garfield Xmas Special, eat, help clean up, hang about, then open gifts (and eventually bugger off ;-p )

For quite a few years now, my dad makes the most amazing finger foods – from cold cuts and chicken strips to ribs and mini frikadelle (meatballs). This year, however, he decided to try something new and ordered three platters, instead… platters with a selection of Chinese goodies! Spicy green beans, noodles, mini vegetable springrols, bite sized pieces of beef and chicken and ribs, triangle-shaped ‘pancakes’…

…and a whole platter full of sushi!!!

I’ve never eaten much sushi – I had a few pieces on my 21st and 22nd birthdays (this year I was at my parental home for dinner, hence no going out and ordering sushi) – thus it was quite a treat to be able to ‘indulge’, as it were. There was no raw fish in it, mind (mostly crab and avocado), but it was still tasty. My younger sister didn’t like it; she tried one piece, then spat it out because she thought the seaweed tasted funny.

In any case, let me not regale with the details of the meal – let me tell you about what was in store for yours truly under the tree. Talking about (and showing the) gifts is always fun.

From my parentals

My mum and dad bought me my own teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl complete with eight coffee/ tea cups. They also got me two sets of cutlery (which results in 8 teaspoons, 8 knives, 8 forks and 8 table spoons) and a big cookie/ sweetie jar in the form of a cupcake (aforementioned jar was filled with sweets). The joys of being part of a ‘we’: you usually get stuff for your kitchen/ home.

From Addy

Also from Addy

My younger sister, Addy, bought me a cute Spongebob t-shirt that read “Get yer nerd on”, as well as a set of teal-ish/ blue-ish earrings from Honey and two little signs with the words “Peace” and “Hope” on them respectively. The “Peace” one is now against our guest bathroom door, while “Hope” adorns my Significant Other’s ‘office’ (where my four bookcases are).

From my big sis

My older sister, Libby (let’s call her that, since people have mispronounced her name in the past), bought me the first two books of the Beauty Killer series by Chelsea Cain. I borrowed and read her copy of the second book, then bought myself the third book to read. Now I can finally read the first book! Since she owns the first two books, I bought her the third book for Christmas 🙂 She also got me a box of Occasions chocolates (luckily they only have 8 in).

Ironically, she got me the coffee flavoured ones… and I haven’t had a cup of coffee since 18 December 2009.

From my Significant Other

Since my Significant Other bought me a pearl necklace and pearl bracelet to go with my wedding dress, I told him not to get me anything else for Christmas… although, of course, as is evident from the photo above, he did. My first additional (or ‘actual’ gift, because he says that the pearls ‘don’t count’) gift was a cooling rack/ stand/ thingy for my laptop, which tends to overheat and shut off of its own accord for some inexplicable reason. And believe me, this is quite a nifty device – I cannot believe how cool my keys are! He also got me a gift card from Woolworth – so that ‘you can buy yourself some new clothes and nice things’.

Guess I’ll have to buy him something nice for his birthday instead of saying (as was my initial intention) that the Russell Hobbes coffee machine I bought was a conjoined Christmas-birthday gift (his birthday is on the 4th of January).

Mr Jack Daniels and his family (my Tennessee parentals, as it were) sent me something in the post… and I’m pretty curious to find out what it is. I’ve hounded my sister to watch the parental postbox for a slip of paper informing me that I need to go pick up a package at the post office. I just hope it arrives sometime this week (and that the Christmas cards I sent them have arrived, as well).

The greatest ‘present’ of them all is the fact that I got to spend time with both my sets of parentals (genetically and, soon, by marriage) and that we are all safe and happy, with love in our hearts and fond memories forever cherished.

So, did you get what you wanted for Christmas?




One response

27 12 2010

I detest my name being spelt incorrectly & even more so, pronounced incorrectly! It’s SO easy! For the English people, it’s pronounced Lee-buh & spelt Liebe, as in the German Ich-Liebe-Dich.

OK, now that I’ve got that off my chest, LOL!

Can’t wait to start reading Evil at Heart! But I hope dad cooks again next year, this wasn’t exactly my cup-a-tea… Yet, it’s the thought that counts.

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