Dread (also known as ‘tagging’)

30 12 2010

I have made a fatal flaw, an error in judgement, a whatever-else-you-can-call-it, which will now consume my waking moments until I cannot take it anymore.

It is time…

…to create tags for ALL my blog posts!! :-O

I don’t know why I was stupid enough to not do it from the very beginning. If I include this entry, I have now tagged 35 of my blog posts (November + December 2010)… and there are 182 more to go.

The optimist is saying that at least that’s 16% of the entries that I don’t have to deal with, which is better than the full 100% of un-tagged-ness.

Gods, how I’d love to strangle Little Miss Optimism…

…yet it probably isn’t recommended to strangle a part of yourself, so I’ll just sit and stew about it for a while, then I’ll be fine.

What have you left long overdue that is proving to be a proverbial pain in the neck?




2 responses

31 12 2010

I only have 2 more subjects to finish to get my certificate & I only have 4 months left before it expires! AARRGGHH!!

10 01 2011


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