I love air-conditioning (and HATE summer)

5 01 2011

Good morning, everyone.

Well, it is sufficient to say that I shall once again reiterate the point that I hate summer… Yes, ‘hate’ is a pretty strong word here… though I cannot think of a more apt way to put it. Saying that I am not particularly fond of summer is a great understatement.

January has only just started, and I am already set to go into a heat-induced frenzy.

Someone get Tiffany Aching to dance with the Wintersmith again and bring back the cold!!

I was at home yesterday… and I nearly didn’t survive. My fingers and toes were swollen. The heat made me sluggish. No amount of cold water could cool me down. Our apartment was (and is) a proverbial hell. I wouldn’t have been surprised if I walked past a bunch of imps and spewing pits of lava, fire and brimstone.

And I don’t particularly believe that I am exaggerating.

I hate being warm. I hate feeling sluggish. I hate not being able to do anything but not feeling remotely capable of lying/ sitting still and thus wandering aimlessly for some sort of solace. Summer sucks. And today is going to be 38ºC in Cape Town (which means it’ll be 42 degrees in Durbanville, where our apartment is, since it’s usually three to five degrees warmer there).

Aforementioned heat predicament gives me another reason to love my working environment: the air-conditioning.

In fact, the air-conditioning is set so cold in the part of the building my desk is situated in, that sometimes I feel cold despite wearing a three-quarter jersey (thus making it unable for me to not come to work without at least bringing along a jersey).

I’m usually at work for eight & a half (and then some) hours. This makes going home in the afternoon a ‘bad experience’. First, I walk out of coolness heaven into a blast of warm air. The drive home isn’t very long, thus the car’s air-con doesn’t really make a difference, and once I’m at home, the heat-wave only worsens. Then I have to prepare supper – usually in front of the oven – and then all I want to do is crawl into bed (though tossing and turning and sweating isn’t really my idea of ‘sleep), hoping that it’ll be cooler in the morning.

Seems like the too-cold air-conditioning here at work is both a blessing and a curse.

But I’ll enjoy every moment I have with the divine machine. I’ll rather be cool for most of the day and then live with/ accept the heat (as far as it is said to be possible) than want to scream feebly at the top of my lungs hoping that someone will bring an end to the madness.

Too bad I only have six working days left at my current company :-/ It’s time to buy another fan or two for the apartment… or spend most of my free time sitting in shopping centres… or supermarkets… in the frozen foods section.

Whoever wrote the lyrics to that song, “it’s summer time and the living is easy” (or even that one where they sing that “the weather is fine”) should be drug out into the street and shot.

That is a sentiment I share quite often with Garfield.




6 responses

5 01 2011
Salóme van Lill

I do not hate summer, although the heat gets to me, but I’m really a winter person myself. Have 3 fans blowing non-stop all over the house to keep cool.
My job, however, does NOT have air conditioning or even fans – so that’ll be hell for you when I go back next week!!

5 01 2011
Liske van Lill

i know what you mean, mommy – my internship ends next Wednesday, then i’m stuck in the dreaded heat at the apartment… going to need at least 8 fans in there!! at least my parental home is cooler 🙂 wish i could be there all the time!!

6 01 2011

I love autumn 🙂
I like summer but only up to 27 degrees. For me, the perfect weather is 24. Hence, I loved the weather on 24 December 2010 🙂
When I return to work next Monday, I will have aircon in my office BUT if everyone turns their aircons on MINE trips the power 😦 AND I have to sit in a car with NO aircon for 30-60 minutes in the afternoon to get home.
I wish it was autumn already! I can’t gym in this heat! All I want to do is sleep 😦 And so my 2 week holiday has also come to an end 😥

20 06 2012
Nancy Duggan

It’s the day before the first day of (stinking) summer here in New Jersey, 2012 and exactly as hot as hell. I don’t remember ever not hating summer. The air conditioner is grinding away, and I’m hoping that our local power plant does the same!
Stay cool if you can, and sweet dreams of snow to you!

21 06 2012

It’s winter over here in South Africa now, so you can only imagine how tremendously pleased I am!

Here’s hoping that you’ll be able to find some comfort in the air conditioning – there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re at boiling point because of the d*mn heat and not being able to do anything about it…

And thanks, I’ll keep dreaming about snow! Maybe one day I’ll be fortunate enough to have a snowy Christmas 🙂

22 06 2012
Moe Anderson

I remember being at my grandpartents home in California when their air conditioning broke. It was 103 degress that day and we were roasting. None of the people in the home slept that night becuse it was so hot. I can only sleep well if it is colder. Thankfully they got the AC fixed the next day. I am now forever grateful for the AC. I don’t know what I would do without it.

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