Happy Birthday to my big sis! (LOLcats included)

6 01 2011

The happiest, loveliest and most amazing birthday (with warm wishes and all that jazz) to my wonderful older sister!!

Only a few more years until you hit 30, eh…? 😉

As a special dedication to Libby, I’m posting some LOLcats to share in the birthday fun. Hope that this year is your year, sister dearest! xxxx [And be sure to check out today’s Garfield comic.]




4 responses

6 01 2011

Me luvies u plenty very much! En vandag se Garfield is SO me! 😉

7 01 2011
Salóme van Lill

Isn’t it Liebe and not Libby? I know she doesn’t like that very much.
Love you lots xx

7 01 2011
Liske van Lill

I prefer not to use real names in my blog 🙂 I told her that I’m calling her “Libby” and she was okay with it. xx

15 01 2011

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