Scattered Brainings: the music edition

7 01 2011

* What’s with all the annoying music on the radio? One can barely stand to listen to it, excluding the news and traffic updates, of course (which is vital).

* There are only three Ke$ha songs I can listen to: TiK-ToK, YOU’RE LOVE IS MY DRUG and TAKE IT OFF. The rest makes my ears want to bleed… another reason not to listen to the radio.

* Willow Smith is nine years old. Nine, and she’s already starting to become a singing ‘sensation’ (despite the fact that her song WHIP MY HAIR makes me want to strangle her with it and stop that annoying sound coming from her mouth that is deemed ‘singing’). I shudder to even contemplate how she’s going to turn out by the time she’s sixteen or eighteen.

* People don’t seem to know how to write songs anymore, which is why the ruin remake old songs. Those songs – like ELECTRIC AVENUE and (I’VE HAD) THE TIME OF MY LIFE – are ‘classics’ in their own right. Don’t butcher them.

* My Significant Other doesn’t care much for Katy Perry’s music, and although I agree that FIREWORK only seems to be one long repetition of the chorus, I cannot help but like her second album, as well. Maybe I am a bit ‘girly’.

* Apparently repetition in a song is what makes it ‘appealing’ and causes it to sell. But having Shakira stuck in my head for the second (or third?) day in a row is making me loca loca loca

* Whenever Cee-Lo Green’s FORGET YOU plays on the radio, I need to turn up the volume. It’s a feel good song… and definitely stands out above the rest of the noise.

* Four months until the wedding and I cannot decide on an opening song (for the dance floor). Pretty keen on AT THE BEGINNING – from the animated film ANASTASIA – though I have no idea how one would dance on that. Perhaps I should stick to slow dancing and opt for Jamie Cullum’s I’M GLAD THERE IS YOU. (Then again, there are so many great songs, how does one pick?)

* On a related note – i.e. wedding – trying to decide on an opening song makes me thing of the movie THE WEDDING PLANNER. “Are you aware that Fran has chosen teal for her bridesmaids? Teal – the colour of gangrene… Oh, oh, and I honestly love you as your wedding song? You might as well commit matrimonial suicide right now!” 🙂

* I’d almost go as far as saying that I’d rather listen to the Jingle Cats meowing away over the airwaves than what they currently have on offer… though it might drive one crazy after a few songs…

* I’m going to try and make a list of some of the songs they play ad nauseum on the radio. I say ‘some’ since the list could get quite long – perhaps I could do it in segments… Watch this space.

* This morning my mind was overflowing with things I could say in this post, yet now, I am drawing a blank. How typical.




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30 01 2011
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