Ah, Sunday…

9 01 2011

A day to relax. A day where you finish off the week and are entitled to feel lazy. A day you don’t particularly have to worry about making big plans or sorting out things. A good day, an unwind-day…

And, for me at least, where the following is applicable:

I’m not usually one to sleep in late over the weekend, yet this morning, I only got up at eleven… in fact, I talked myself awake – only one sentence (I was busy talking on the phone in the dream I was having), though it was enough to make me feel completely and utterly stupid.

I blame not sleeping well lately.

And for no reason at all, I feel ‘funny’ today. My throat has been a bit scratchy and sore, but this morning I sounded horridly hoarse when I spoke to my sister. My head aches (nothing new there), my legs feel wobbly, and I have this overall feeling of off-ness that won’t seem to go away.

Ah, Sunday, you’re not being your usual nice self… though, in all fairness, at least it’s nice and cool for a change, so I suppose it’s not all bad (despite the day being almost half over, since it’s half past eleven).

Perhaps taking a shower and washing my hair will make me feel better… and if it doesn’t, I’ll just have to take about 15 Nurofen Plus tablets and go back to sleep.

What are you doing on this glorious Sunday?




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