It’s the final countdown

10 01 2011

It’s Monday, the 10th January. Year: 2011. Time: 09:10. Slowly but surely, the minutes are ticking away, going past me second by second…

…and it’s the third last day of my internship here at OUP.

I’m hesitant to start reminiscing at this point. It’s probably a ‘task’ better left until the last day, after all the niceties and farewells and final pep-talk (and appraisal, most likely) have occurred and I find myself confined to my apartment until further notice. Besides, there’s still some work to do until Wednesday, which at least won’t have me thinking about the inevitability of the end of it all…

At least there’s still the certificate ceremony to ‘look forward’ to, plus a chance to have a chat with the other Cape Town interns – we haven’t seen each other since the 2nd of August (which was when we were working at the Cape Town Book Fair [CTBF]), and I am keen to find out about their future prospects.

Though, if I already know that two of the three are in the same boat as I am, looking for jobs and sending out CVs, then it’s already looking pretty bleak.

I’m trying to fill up this week as much as possible so that my worries can pass over into next week. Not entirely sure what Friday has in store, but on Saturday I’m going for an eye test (hooray for new glasses and, finally, contact lenses, although I don’t like the idea of sticking something in my eye), plus we’ll be celebrating a friend’s birthday in the late afternoon. Sunday will probably see us having breakfast with friends, then a lazy afternoon of reading or watching films or something of the like.

And next Monday: new week, new(-ish) me – same old ‘problems’.

If only there were a way to make time stand still, then I wouldn’t have to leave 😦 If only…




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