In sickness and in health

11 01 2011

I think that the whole little ditty they wax lyrical on at weddings should be applicable not only to marriage but relationships, as well. Having and holding goes on, after all, and one would hope that your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ partner/ whatever will take care of you when you’re not feeling well instead of going AWOL all of a sudden.

Up until this point, there has been much more ‘in health’ with my Significant Other (his health, of course) than ‘in sickness’… yet now, it seems like the tables are turning, and I foresee myself doling out a lot of sickness-related TLC in the not too distant future.

I think my Significant Other might be coming down with the flu. He has a horrible cough, he’s feverish, he feels ill, etc. etc. …

But do you think I can get him so far to go to the chemist to get something for it? *Pffft* – please… He says it’s not necessary to go to the doctor, so what’s so difficult about going to the chemist, telling him or her about your ‘symptoms’, and then heeding their advice and taking pills/ capsules/ syrup that will help you to the path of good health again?

I bet you he’s just waiting for me to be home from Thursday afternoon onwards in order for me to take care of him full-time 😉

So here’s a request to my dear, beloved, wonderful – and stubborn – Significant Other: drag your behind from that comfy Herman Miller chair of yours and see to it that you have a ‘prescription’ to show me this afternoon when I get home… otherwise I’ll be a saaaaad panda… [South Park reference]

Besides, it’s a bit early for that ‘till death do us part’ thing… mostly.




2 responses

11 01 2011
Matan Uberstein

Was at the chemist this morning, but they were still closed… We’ll have go after work. ❤

11 01 2011
Liske van Lill

There’s always lunchtime… 😉 We’ll go this afternoon, xxx

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