Home Employment

19 01 2011

Home employment, you may ask? As in working from home without having to deal with the ‘stress’ of being in an office around others?

Do not be fooled by the title of this blog post, bystander – for it is a great and noble thing I take upon myself to ensure that the innocent are protected and that all that is good (and hygienic) stays intact…

…when I am employed at my parental home… to do some heavy-duty cleaning.

My mum sent me an e-mail over the weekend with the subject being (you guessed it) ‘Home Employment’. That is how I found myself to be there early-ish this morning, ready to take on the task at hand while hoping that the accumulative dust factor would not get to me.

I hung my mum’s washing out to dry and washed two of my bathroom mats. As luck would have it, aforementioned mats released a vast amount of beige and orange fluff, causing me to have to clean the washing machine twice before I was satisfied with its non-fluffy state. I did the ironing, ensuring that not a crease was to be found upon intense scrutiny…

And then, of course, I had to dust and vacuum… The. Entire. House. :-O

Four bedrooms. Two bathrooms. The study. The kitchen. The hallway. The living room. The dining room. A pretty big house with a far-less-than-pretty amount of dust and the like. It’s no wonder I was sneezing like a red-nosed reindeer (why else do you think Rudolph’s nose looks like that? It’s a combination of awful hay fever and a sinus problem!!)

I managed to clean everything, of course, even if it meant breaking my back and having to go down on my knees to reach a certain spot sometimes… And all of this by lunchtime, don’t you know.

Now (three hours later) I still feel dirty and sweaty and various shades of unsanitary. At least I’ve managed to get all the dust and ‘grime’ out from under my nails. All I want to do is sit down with a cup of tea and read THE COLORADO KID – by Stephen King – on my NOOK *sigh*

On the job front, I applied for a position yesterday, though it seems to be magazine publishing (whereas I would like to stay in book publishing). Nothing to worry about – while I’m searching for a job, my freelance copy-editor/ proof reader status (which, of course, I’ll be doing from home at the moment, thus still making me home employed) has already secured me my first ‘client’… said client being a friend of mine who needs me to work through her entire Masters thesis.

Even if I charge ‘minimum wage’, that amount times the extent of the document will be sure to bring in a pretty penny. I don’t really want to charge her for it, yet she insisted on making an ‘appointment’ with me on Monday and that she’s going to pay (thus I won’t feel bad asking her for the smallest amount possible per page).

Things are sure to look up soon…

In the meantime, I don’t want to see a vacuum cleaner or a dust rag for an extended amount of time! Thank goodness I cleaned our apartment earlier this week: cleaning the two bathroom sinks, scrubbing the two toilets, washing the bath and scrubbing the shower floor, and…….




One response

19 01 2011
Salóme van Lill

At least I dusted over the weekend, so there wasn’t that much dust, except in the sitting room, which has now been cleaned by yours truly. Unfortunately the vacuuming is a bit of a shlep (if there is such a word), so it is highly appreciated that you’ve vacuumed EVERYWHERE!!!
Feels fabulous to have a spotless home again!!!!!!!!

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