I Should…

1 02 2011

* …start blogging more. I’ve been home since the 14th of January. That’s nineteen days in total. So why haven’t I been blogging?!

* …be baking and experimenting. I love being in the kitchen. I like trying out new things, when the occasion seems ‘suitable’. So what can be better than being at home, unemployed, with lots of time on my hands and a bag of flour waiting in the cupboard? You tell me…

* …write reviews about the books I’ve read this year. I’m on my 17th book for the year, and it’s only the 1st of February! If I write reviews, I’ll be doing something worthwhile. And who knows? Maybe someone will find a use for my skills and employ me part-time.

* …buy the apartment flowers. I need to get a bit of life in here – and colour, and the sweet fragrance that comes along with them. At least it’s likely to put a smile on my face.

* …scrub the tiles more often. This won’t be a problem, as long as we get something better to do it with. Crawling on my hands and knees to scrub at the tiles vigorously (sometimes with an old toothbrush for corners) isn’t a very flattering look. Plus it’s not friendly to one’s back.

* …get up early and exercise. The exercise bit isn’t compulsory (though it won’t kill me). But being lazy and getting up at 10 AM – at least no later than that – on a weekday makes me feel guilty. As if I could be spending my time better.

* …arrange a day out with my sisters. I don’t know when was the last time the three of us just had coffee together (or tea for yours truly, at least, since I haven’t had coffee for almost fourteen months now). For the most part, we only see each other shortly when we’re at our parental home. The shame!!

* …slow down with the oats cookies. Oats are healthy – point for me. It aids digestion – point for me. But, it basically consists of eggs and margarine and (brown) sugar – point for unhealthy eating. And I cannot stop myself from eating at least three of them at a time – quite a few points for unhealthy eating. I’m going to get fat. Won’t that be a treat *sigh*

* …decide on an opening song for the first dance at our wedding. I think I know what song I want. Yet the question is, would a slow-dance song be acceptable? Because, at this point in time, I don’t want to talk to anyone about the wedding, and I don’t want to stress more by having to organize dancing lessons that will only be necessary for the two or three minutes that our opening dance lasts. It’s not worth it.

* …spoil myself with something. Coming from someone who’s worried about finances all the time, this seems ironic. But I cannot help it – my three-year relationship anniversary with my Significant Other is coming up, plus two of our friends are having their birthday party on a wine farm in Stellenbosch. I ‘need’ to buy myself a pretty dress. At least I’m not like your average female who foams at the mouth and drops their IQ level significantly when it comes to shoes. My ‘guilty’ pleasure is books. And if I’m reading, at least I’m exercising my brain… right?!

* …stop worrying so much. About money. About not being able to find a job. About eating too many cookies (though this needs to stop!!)

* …go watch the latest Disney (Princess) film, TANGLED. I’ve been waiting for it to come out for months here in SA, and now a lot of people I know have already seen it! :-/

* …finish this blog post so I can continue reading. I’m on book two of THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy. More than halfway, in fact. And I’m loving it!! When I started reading the series, being only a few pages in, it reminded me of Richard Bachman/ Stephen King’s THE LONG WALK and THE RUNNING MAN. At the rate that I’m reading – and some days I don’t read at all – I’m sure to reach my target of 100 books for the year.




3 responses

1 02 2011
Ashley Higashi

I LOVE the hunger games trilogy. My husband and I area about to begin book three. His cousin recommended them to us over Christmas. Congrats on the wedding! I just got married in August, I know how busy/stressful it can be. particularly if you are like me and suck at decision making. I would love to see some book reviews. I wish I had the time to read as much as you seem to (17 books this year?! gasp)

1 02 2011
Liske van Lill

I heard about the trilogy from a friend who’s blog I follow. Only 60 pages left of the second book, then on to book three 🙂 Congratulations with your wedding last August!! I’m usually on top of things when it comes to decision making (I think I might be a bit obsessive compulsive, especially when it comes to deadlines), yet I’ve been delaying the decision regarding our opening dance’s song… Let me know what you think of the third book in the trilogy, and I’ll see if I can get myself to writing reviews for the trilogy 🙂

2 02 2011

1) A slow dance is VERY appropriate, don’t waste money on dance lessons, that’s something you can do for fun when finances start looking up again.
2) The oats cookies are very good for you. Take into consideration the amount of margerine you used & the amount of cookies you made – it’s really not that bad. Use a medium fat margerine as it is quite affordable. If you can afford low fat/light margerine, go for it! Brown sugar is a lot healthier than white sugar. If you feel guilty about the sugar, use a sweetner. I have a sweetner that has absolutely NO aftertaste, designed by a bodybuilder, as we poor souls have to use sweetner. I’ll bring you some next time I visit.
3) Please DO write the book reviews. People like me who get bored easily need an educated opinion.
4) Your brain uses a lot of energy & like any muscle, it only gets better with practice. Wish I could read as much as you do.
5) It’s easier said than done but try to worry less. Baby steps. I’m one to talk but there comes a point when you realise that all the stress is bad for your health & that your quality of life has deteriorated because you worry all the time.
6) Wait till after my comp so that I can sample all the yummy goodies! Or go ahead & try it so that you can make me a goodie basket for afterwards, lol! Being able to cook & bake WELL is a gift, consider yourself blessed. I’m sure your SO does 🙂
7) There’s nothing wrong with spoiling yourself every once in a while, you deserve it.
8) The last time we had a sisterly get together was last winter! We’re WAY overdue! At least the two of us are seeing each other more often, I mean, we live 3km apart, we have NO excuse 😉
9) Your brother-in-law found a gem of a flower shop, maybe have a chat with him. I know flowers always cheer me up.
10) Invest in a decent squeegy mop. Have a look at Verimark & Game. It’s worth spending that bit of money to save your back, nails & time 🙂

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